Monday, April 23, 2012

Flying insects

Hi Anna

I just got back from meeting up with Chrissy and Alex! It was so good to see her and it was like a bit of Perth brought to me :) I'm very excited that she's moving here to London too.

Last night after making pizza and wining and dining at home with Lauren we went to Porterhouse, a pub in Covent Garden (which will now be known as omg-this-place-has-eye-candy-everywhere-I-don't-lnow-where-to-look) for an ex colleague's birthday. We were both tired and we headed home before midnight! Can you believe it? Even though the place was swarming with the most eye candy we've ever seen in our lifetime in one spot. If anyone was single and in London, I'd take them right there! I was so tired and almost fell asleep on the tube. We were moaning the whole night about how cold it was for spring and how we miss wearing heels because back home we don't have to walk far to get home because usually someone will be driving or we would sober up and drive home but then we saw numerous girls wearing short skirts, no tights, no jacket and teetering around in tiny sky high stilettos in 5 degrees temperature. One thing that will mystify me forever is how on earth do they do it? It was nice to  stay up and chat although it wasn't my best texting going on as I was half falling asleep.

Eggplant, onion, feta pizza slabs. Had them cold for breakky today and they were even better! haha!
I wore this dress I bought a while ago but never had the chance to wear it. It was really tight when I first tried it on but thankfully the gym sessions have paid off and this time around it was less snug. I'm very pleased by these photos because my eye make up looks decent and the lighting is flattering. Not to mention that it's a little blurry and hides my post winter blemishes. This is rare to come by so I had to snap up a few pics. Felt a bit stupid lying on a rug but I am in love with it!

 My Venus fly trap isn't looking too happy. I don't know if it's because it hasn't caught any insects. I feel bad for having them in my room because it's not like there is much insect activity going on in here. Worse is, I am on a constant look out for bugs. I saw a fruit fly look a like by my window but couldn't bring myself to kill it. Argh! There was also a tiny spider in the bathroom but I couldn't kill that either. Finally I spotted something flying in my room and halfheartedly tried to catch it in my fist and I actually got it. So in it went but I had to brush my finger across the filaments to get it to close. I wonder how it will look after it's done 'eating' it.

Another weekend gone and another week. Almost the end of April. Next week is my LONDONVERSARY!

Miss you and thinking about you xoxoxoxox

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