Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quiet time

Hi Chia!

Sorry I've been absent.

I just want to say that you look gorgeous in your photos! It some how reminded me of 'mod' style fashion! Love love love! Wish I was there all dressed up and hitting up L-Town!

Your Venus fly trap looks awesome, did it end up digesting the fly?

I've been having some down time which has been a refreshing change. I have been happily playing my ukulele and writing to try and figure out what I want out of life.

However, since I don't really have anything on at the moment, I'll post up some photos of my Easter Weekend in Yallingup.

Earring and a tree necklace that Kev got me! Spoiled!

Rocks on Yallingup beach!

Long waves. 

Peaceful walk from beach to apartment

Our snack!


I love our balcony!

Kev and I pretty much just chilled out, watched movies and enjoyed the quiet. I played the ukulele, sketched a bit and Kev read a little.

One awesome thing that made my day was seeing a dolphin surf the waves at Yallingup beach! It was amazing! Kev and I were sitting on the rocks and I saw this wave approach, and I randomly saw this black/grey thing at the bottom of the wave near the rocks. I was thinking, 'shet, this surfer is really pushing it.' But then as the wave grew, the sunset made the wave tube go all translucent and I saw this long grey thing shoot straight through the barrel and then explode out of the wave! It was a dolphin! And it had such a hang time that it wiggled it's tail. I went spastic! And Kev had no idea what I was going on about, until I told him.

He was a little sad that he missed out, but, I just kept telling him over and over again exactly what I saw, in hopes that he would capture 'the' moment in his mind... tee hee hee..

Anyways, until next time Chia!

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