Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're going to Ibiza!!!

Hi Anna!

Glad you eventually found your letter again! It's like a little saved up surprise. Reminds me of the time I was cleaning and I found 100 pounds (!!!) that I had stashed away and forgot until a month later! I felt very clever for hiding it so well and it certainly made my day to find some money I didn't know I had.

I also spy some Reese's chocolate pieces on yout desk.. hmm.. I am on a diet officially as of today. I've said this many times to myself a month ago but it's  not official unless it's er... announced!  All this cheese/chocolate/cookie/cake/carbs indulging has to stop. I miss my leaner self and my old clothes are getting rather tight :/

That video clip was rather scary with all the bouncing going on! haha but we're GOING TO IBIZA! Yay! I agree that since we should wing it in Barcelona or at least see how we feel like when we're in Ibiza. We might meet some locals or other travelers that can suggest some places to go. It will be one epic adventure :D

I'm glad you are starting to feel more excited about your next holiday. Perhaps you weren't feeling it because you just came back from one? When I come back from holidays it takes me a week to wind down and start feeling 'normal' and adjust back to routine again. I'm not that excited about my Contiki even though it's THIS Sunday. I'm sure Saturday night I will feel it because I will be meeting everyone that is going on the Contiki for a pre trip meeting. Pinch me! I feel like I'm dreaming and it's not really happening.

Remember how I said I would go shopping for summer clothes? Well I spent half of Monday on Oxford and I only went into 4 stores!! This Top Shop is humongous! I think I spent almost 2 hours in here sifting through racks and trying clothes on.

This is my fav purchase from River Island and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I like how the leopard wraps around the shoulders and the back and it's so comfy. Yup it is suppose to be summer right now but with London weather, I could wear it today judging by the weather outisde.
 I bought lots of other summer tops etc for my Contiki but I am sure you will see me wearing them in photos :)

Check out this huge group pic from the pub crawl that they posted on FB.
Can you spot me?!
 It's difficult to say how clubbing is like in London because it all depends on where you go. Sat night was more alternate/Indie music (I'm terrible with describing music!) with no lyrics and definitely not mainstream music and nothing like what I've experienced before. Not exactly sure how I managed to dance to it either. I didn't really pay attention to what people wore, but the impression I got was really casual cool alternate. Think oxford flats/checkered shirts/ fedora hats/men in skiny leg jeans etc. Generally I think clubbing in another country is always fun though because you don't know anyone and you go in with no expectations and from my experiences you always end up having a blast!

Last night we went to see WICKED and I loved it! I loved the humour and I can't comprehend how they can have such amazing voices!!!
With our tickets outside the Apollo theatre.
Where we sat and the stage. There is quite an ascend from the stage and we were higher up than I expected.
 Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR D!!! I sent him an e card.. how dorky. I mean who sends e cards these days right? If I was in Perth, I'd bake cupcakes and conjure some edibile scrabble tiles to decorate on top!

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