Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rocking Weekend

;Heya Chia!

WOWWWW! I loved that blog entry! The drunky, getting lost on the way home story really made me smile! I love those experiences. They are the most random and the most memorable! Do you think you will get lost again if you were to go to Putney?

Oh! and I loveeeee your Melissa shoes! I just went on the website, and OMG! They are all adorable! Now I want a pair! But no. I am now in European-Trip mode! I can't believe that I will be seeing you next month! Time has just flown by so quickly! Part of the European-Trip mode is to spend as little as possible, but still of course, enjoy life! This week, Chinny brought me and Els along to go rockclimbing with him. Els had a voucher, so it ended up being about $7 each! For such an awesome price, we were able to go 'bouldering' which is climbing up a wall with no harness. The wall is not that high, so there is no fear of heights to deter you from attempting to climb up higher.

It was surprisingly fun and surprisingly physically challenging. I have never bouldered before, and when I did go rockclimbing with the harness, I got easily bored. I just wasn't good at it. But, bouldering forces you not to rely on the harness, and so I think it makes it a lot more fun. I was unable to complete the lowest level climb, as my hands, and forearms could not grip anything after an hour. It was a weird and frustrating sensation. I was not fatigued, or puffed out, but I just could not hold anything. I want to go back to finish that level now! Because I know I can do it, once my hands and forearms get stronger.

Els bouldering it.

Chinny pro-bouldering it.

Me bouldering it too
This photo was the spot where I got stuck. I just couldn't get up higher. It looks so easy when you watch someone else does it, but when it is your turn to do it... your body just does not listen to you! What was really cool was that the other people who boulder there are super friendly! They would come over and give you tips on how to climb better, or how to approach a rock. Tips that were given to Els and I were to try and keep our body close to the wall (we both tended to hang out).

I stretched out my hands and forearms all night after bouldering, in hope that I wouldn't get sore.

Unfortunately, I still got super sore. Friday night and Saturday night I woke up numerous times throughout the night because my hand or forearm would cramp. It has been sooo painful. Even today, when I was driving, as I turned my steering wheel, my lat muscles cramped!

But despite all the pain, and soreness... I do feel like it was a great workout. I hope to go again sometime this coming week =D.

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