Monday, July 18, 2011

Sketching in Trafalgar Square

Hi Anna!

I had a nice relaxing Sunday and reading your blog made me feel bad about not doing any exercise today. I'm sure I wouldn't able to go anywhere because I have no upper body strength whatsoever!

I didn't have time to go to a museum today but I was in Trafalgar Square and I sketched these. A Spanish tourist asked to take a photo of me sketching- how flattering! And he was genuinely nice as well. I regret not asking him to send the photos to me because that would've been interesting to have a copy of! Oh well!

Gave up on drawing King George
Collage of building tops
Not my best but it's a start! It was hard sketching  with people walking past and having to standup.  You can sort of see that the drawings are slanted. I headed home when I couldn't stand the chill any longer. I hope to do more this week.

I also wore my Melissa flats in the rain today and they were super comfy! Looking at them makes me happy and I was very pleased that I didn't have wet feet or soggy shoes! Maybe you can wait until you get here to get a pair :D

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