Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You've made me...

1. Crave for Chinese food and karoake even if I can't sing and don't like karaoke.

2. Want to watch Wicked. Maybe next week? Absolutely spoilt here and very easy to get tickets to a huge range of musicals! We shall go to one when you get here!

3. Want to wear flippers while ordering Maccas. Although I might trip over and land face flat on my Mcburger. Do you always keep a pair of flippers in your car? Makes me wonder what else you keep in your car?

4. Miss having a big bunch of familiar friends to go out with or having friends bump into you while you are out.

5. Contradicting 4., miss spending girly nights with you or one on one catch ups with friends.

6. Wish I had somebody to buy green sparkly things for me. For now, I can cope with looking at sparkly things.

Friday night I had a delicious dinner with Jarod. It was drizzling and plenty of fun dodging everyone's umbrellas on the pathways while we were trying to find a restaurant. There is always plenty to talk about especially teaching. I really need more teaching friends here! We headed out to a club and danced the night away. It was an interesting night and you can probably guessed that from my FB photos.
Seafood jambalaya!

On Sunday morning I flipped open the Lonely Planet, Googled and picked 2 destinations  and off I went: London Bridge and The Monument. I ended up going up to Leadenhall Market, down Fleet Street and past St Paul's Cathedral right through the city to Leicester Square. It was an adventurous and rewarding day exploring alone. I've done way too many things by myself now to the point that sometimes I get sick of my own company, but  that day was one of my 'better days' and I didn't mind spending it solo. If anyone saw a person munching on snow peas and carrots balancing a map in hand that would be me! (Yes I am starting to pack my own lunches when exploring! Ruck sack and binoculars may follow soon) I spent about 4 hours walking and I think I am going to continue my walking adventures again this weekend. I should do it 'bible dip' style and close my eyes and point on a map or something. Yay or nay? Might end up somewhere I shouldn't be...

London Bridge behind me
The Monument. Climbed up 311 spiraling steps!
View from the top. Can you spot Tower Bridge?
Time for bed! It's 1100pm here. I need to get more sleep! Still finding it strange how you will be waking up soon! So GOOD MORNING to you and Perth! Oh I miss Perth!

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