Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Festivities

Hey Chia!

Soooooo, besides my 'Wicked' weekend, I also had two birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday Clem!
After work on Friday night, Kev and I made our way to Northbridge to meet up with Clem, Jing, Terry, Shaz and Els for dinner at Hawkers. Unfortunately, it was packed out; but we ended up eating at the Chinese Restaurant where 'Update City' used to be. I forgot the name to be honest, but I've been there a few times before and the food is actually quite good!

So we ended up ordering the drunken chicken, which ended up being a steamboat like dish, and it was super delicious and felt really healthy. We were quite pleased. After that dish was finished, we had Shanghai dumplings, scallops, sweet and sour pork, beef brisket, and a mushroom and steamed vegetables dish. They were all so very nice! Sadly Terry being such a hard worker, missed out on the drunken chicken, and came to dinner later on, once he had finished work.

Funnily enough, before dinner, Kev, Clem, Jing and I were waiting for the others outside the restaurant when I asked "hey... would you guys be up for ktv?' Clem and Jing's eye lit up and they just smiled at each other in a private acknowledgement. "Yea?!" they said. Clem then explained that Jing and him had discussed it earlier! Kev promptly made a call and got us a booking for 10pm. We didn't waste any time after dinner, and went straight to Utopia, getting the room at around 9.30pm!

Terry, Clem, Els, Shaz, Jing and Kev

We stayed there for 5 hours! It has been such a long time since I've had the chance to belt out songs! And it was such a good and happy time! Happy birthday Clem!

Lauren and Ben's joint birthday shindig
On Saturday night, Lauren and Ben had their birthday festivities at Al Fornetto for dinner and then at Burswood Casino for drinks. We know Lauren and Ben from Volleyball. Lauren is in my superleague team, is an umpire at the volleyball centre and is Ben's girlfriend. Ben's, (Awesome Ben) family owns the volleyball centre and he helps run/organise the games and also plays in superleague. It was such a good night, like it went by super fast, and the next thing I knew it, we were at McDonalds and then I was falling asleep on the drive home.

So 'Asian!'

The girls went to Minq to get some drinks, whereas the boys went to the casino to gamble. Kev hung out with us because I think he preferred the drinking =) The line for the bar was so damn long, that we decided to buy two drinks each just to avoid the wait. But it didn't stop us from having fun!

There was one section of the night when Shaz and I were left to mind the fort while the rest go drinks. As we were talking these two guys attempted to take two of our seats. We were like "noooo, we have friends getting drinks." They then asked if they could sit with us until our friends returned. So we ended up having some interesting conversation (yet I cannot remember specifics). I thought that they were both Italian, because the guy that was talking to me started talking about Italian spririts and for some reason I started talking about Greek spirits (Ouzo!). Later on Shaz said that the guy she was talking to wasn't Italian... but was... something... else.. I can't remember. But heck, they were polite and nice, and left without a fuss when the others returned.

After a while, Awesome Ben, his brother Jake and cousin Rob called Lauren, and wanted to meet up with us. Unfortunately, Ben wasn't allowed into Minq because of his shirt (or shoes) so we all decided to leave to meet up with them. We ended up at a bar in the Casino... I forgot what the name was, but we pretty much chilled there for the rest of the night.

Lauren, Els and I with more Asian poses

Even the boys were turning Asian (Rob, Jake, Ben and Kev)

Soon after, we all went to McDonalds which turned out to be pretty fun too. Lauren's feet were hurting from her new heels that Ben had bought her, and so I offered her my flippers as footwear. SHE ACCEPTED! What a legend! She's such a great sport!

Lauren totally rocking those flippers

 Such a fashionista!
Ordering McDonalds

Awesome Ben loving the flippers
McDonalds was exactly what we all needed though. I know that I was starting to feel the negative effects of a bit too many cocktails. So much so, that Shaz found a Ben look alike, and grabbed my camera off me to get some hard evidence.

Me pretending to pose for a photo, to catch Awesome Ben's double.
 It was such an eventful weekend! Happy birthday Lauren and Ben! Happy birthday to you too Clem!

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