Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spitalfield Market

Hi Anna!

Monday again and they sure come around quickly! Hope you are enjoying Vietnam. Nice pic with the girls! I didn't realise that there would be so many people going along.

On Sunday I went for a walk that lasted about 4 hours in Spitalfield and the market areas around there. I've been here before but wanted to take my time and explore more of the shops. There is a mixture of vintage stores to out coming designers selling their items and the areas is definitely edgier and not as 'leafy' as other parts of London I've been to. This is me and some of the sights during the day!

It was a warm sunny day and the cardi had to come off. I was surprised that I managed a singlet tan too. Wearing my goldfish necklace for the first time :)

Plenty of graffiti to be seen
Outdoor flea market where I felt slightly out of place.
I had a plain bagel here for 25p! This place is also mentioned in the Lonely Planet.
How interesting! An outdoor barber shop
Laden Showroom: A boutique like store selling clothes made by small individual designers in London.  Love the prints on these dresses especially the polka dots! Will have to re visit when I have $$$!
I spent ages deciding which brooch to get.  I love how they are unique and handmade here in London!
Finally decided on these two white perspex brooches! How cute are they?!

And of course I spent too much time exploring the markets and didn't end up going to Regent's Park to read my book like I  intended. I did spend a lot of time looking for a book called Love Life by Ray Kluun that was highly recommended to me by an internet friend but I couldn't find a secondhand copy of it. I discovered that there was an amazing secondhand bookshop down the road but it sold old books rather than recent ones.

Oh and of course the social on Friday night was an interesting one. I don't think I will keep in touch with any of them although we had a good time dancing. One guy in particular became a bit of a nuisance towards the end of the night. He did everything a guy shouldn't do including pairing his suit with white athletic socks with  his supposedly designer black dress shoes. Cringe. Regardless of that I am glad I went and got out of my comfort zone. I called it a night at 11.30pm because I wanted to catch the last tube home.

Anyway, this week will be interesting! Will post more about it! Time for a shower and bed :)

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