Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day at work before trip


Thanks for the update! I am not sure how much exploring I'll get done in Vietnam, as we are only there for about six days. Three of them, I'll be in Nha-Trang, which is supposed to be this beautiful beach city. Hopefully I'll get some diving done! I've had a look at the dive sites there, and they say it has beautiful coral and nudi branches. But the fish, well there isn't any! Thien may have been joking when he said this, but he said 'all of the Vietnamese have eaten them' Lol.

I am surprisingly not so excited yet. I still have all of today to try and finish my work and to hand over the tasks I couldn't do.

Also, this will be the last night I get to see Scott. He was away from Monday and returned yesterday from Margaret River, so yea. I am in two minds at the moment. Kev is super excited.

I am just planning to eat in Vietnam really. (Thank you for the bag again!) I will save the shopping for Hong Kong. Apparently, we are going during the hottest time, and Thien, who has been planning our trip, decided that he wouldn't take us to the tunnels that the Vietnamese used in the war. I really wanted to do it! But I trust Thien's judgement when he says that the tunnels are tiny, and tue weather will make it worse.

Anyways, I've barely started packing! Though, I have written a list of what to pack! So hopefully I don't forget anything!

Hopefully I'll have Internet access while I am in Vietnam and Hong Kong so I can keep you posted!!!

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