Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little lamb steamboat

Omg. Chia, I've been craving for Chinese steamboat for ages! Last time I had it, was in Beijing which was back in 2008!

A new restaurant has opened up in Northbridge called 'Little Lamb'. My foodie friends organized for a birthday dinner there last night, and it was awesome! It totally reminded me of China from the atmosphere, the staff and all the food! For $33 we got a little hotpot for ourselves, all you can eat ingredients and unlimited canned drinks!

I stocked up on the mushrooms! Those white stringy ones and the shitake mushrooms-yum! They also had cooked side dishes like pork dumplings, baos and sweet and sour pork! I had not been as excited for food in such a long time!

I really should practice my mandarin here, but we had some soju and I was rusty. Some of the staff speak English, but a lot speak Mandarin. So it's like fully China style!

For those who want a China style steamboat experience you can find this place, in between the adult shops in Northbridge on James Street! =P

Details here:

91 James St
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9228 9182

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