Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ingredients from the Borough Market

Hi again Anna! I'm on a blogging roll! I figure if I am ahead of my blogs, it will make up for the days I don't post :p

From ostrich eggs, oysters to olives! The Borough Market sold all sorts of exotic produce from everywhere in the world and produce that I've never even heard of or know how to use. You name it, they had it! In fact you could make up some random item and I bet one of the stalls would probably sell it. According to Lonely Planet, Jamie Oliver frequents this place.

This is everything that I bought.

Vinci olives in a tub, avocados, vine ripen tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, garlic and nigella seed chutney, dry smoked beef sausages (you can never make a sausage look appealing in photos) mushrooms-I've-never-seen before-in-my-life-but-I-will-try and Cashel Blue cheese. I spent about 30GBP in total which is more than I intended, but I guess if I've made the journey all the way there, I might as well indulge! I went with no set ingredients in mind for my pizza so anything I fancied regadless of whether the flavours would work together or not, went in!

What's in the white paper bag?

Yoghurt covered dried raspberries and chocolate covered brazil nuts! For a sweet toother like me,  how could I possibly refuse these? The raspberries were soooooo good!

These are the ingredients I used for my pizza base, minus the salt and sugar.

I enjoy making my own base although every now and then it is a hit and miss and I end up with sore shoulders from kneading. Without a rolling pin I tried to make the dough as flat as possible and I experimented by using this 'award winning' chutney sauce as the base.

My pizza must be sounding very unusual to you by the minute and I don't blame you! I was concerned whether it would taste good but then again, I've had pizza with salmon, ginger and lemongrass (in Vietnam of all places!) and it was delicious! I guess that is what I love about pizzas- you can experiment so much with the toppings.

The toppings.

I should do the eggplant in long rectangular strips next time.

All the toppings on top.

Ready to hit the oven! Yes that's right, there is no cheese on this pizza.

The end product!

A very unconventional pizza that I certainly would like  a food critic to try. I really loved the flavour of the mushrooms and if I was to make it again I think I would skip the tomatoes and sausage and up the mushrooms and eggplants. Also to add a timer while I cook because  it was in the oven longer than it should while I was on the phone with mum.

One of my housemates Ana, said that it tasted very good. I am going to leave a note for my other housemate Eleanor to get her to try a slice and see what she thinks.

Off topic, I've gathered that Eleanor really likes flowers because there is always a vase of fresh cut flowers for the week. I cannot stand cut flowers purely because they are wilting and dying by the minute but waking up to flowers are growing on me. What you see is all there is to the flat, I kid you not. You have pretty much seen every part minus the bathroom and toilet.Today is a rather warm day which explains why I am in a singlet for the first time!

I think our blog needs more comments. What do you think? Are we that scary? Also, blogger is being difficult. All my text and pics are out of line and I can't figure out how to fix it up :(

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