Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shilla with Scott

Scott and I
Hey Chia!

I just got back from a dinner with Scott. I had arranged to do a siblings dinner with him, so that we could catch up before he moves to the US.

It was such a nice, relaxing dinner. Initially it was going to be at Tony Romas, but then Scott suggested to go to Shilla Korean Restaurant in East Perth.

We initially had issues with choosing what to eat, because Scott and I were crazy hungry. But in the end we ordered the scallops and Korean pancake for the entrĂ©e and then we had the Korean BBQ for the main.

The Scallops
Korean Pancake
We also ordered this bottle of Korean Black Raspberry Wine which was super yummy! It tasted like sweet fruit juice, but alcoholic. As soon as we had one shot, we could feel the warmth spreading over. Scott was quite amused. 

Actually, I found this little interesting note after I suggested that we ordered the Wine:

Special Man Juice
Scott lost it when he read it. I thought it was quite funny too, especially when one of Scott's girl friends took our order. I made it clear that we were ordering it NOT for the 'enhancement' of any sort of thing.

Like I said before, it was a really nice dinner. We just chilled and let loose and enjoyed each other's company, which is not something that we do normally. It made me sad that I didn't think of doing this earlier. But it always ends up like this doesn't it. It's always the case that you never do things that you ought to do, when you have the opportunity to do so. That's why I've been trying to plan as many things possible to just spend time with Scott and family this weekend before I leave for my own trip, as he leaves while I am away.

Scott Mr McDrunko with our dinner.

I liked it how Scott eventually 'chilled out'. The more he chilled, the more relaxed his smile became. Scott and Mom has this weird thing where they DO smile right, but for some reason, it always looks like a bit of a struggle to get there. I would always have to do something to make them laugh to get the genuine smile out of them. But tonight, Scott was just happy.

Scott taking his 'enhancing' juice
We ended up drinking two bottles. Each bottle being 14% alcohol, and we stayed on par with each other. I egged him on each time I was ready to pour. Scott then made a good point, that effectively, we both drank one bottle each. Hrm... where is my water...

A happy brother

I like this photo of Scott. I started giving him crap and he started laughing. I was able to catch a good natural happy shot of him. Also, we were pretty impressed with the homemade cheesecake. It looked super yummy, and it was delicious too!

I am still a bit tipsy, but yea, it was overall a really really good night. =D

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