Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling fuzzies


I love your last two blogs! Nice morning read and it made me get my fuzzies and SMILE too!

I'm curious to know where you went and what you ate :p

According to the weather forecast, today will be the last sunny day before the onset of rain. I have no idea what I will do but I think I will go for a walk around Hyde Park/ British Museum/ Harrods since those places are in the same vicinity. I will be taking it easy thanks to my cough that never seems to go away and now a congested nose.

Yesterday after school and after having an early dinner, I went for a long slow walk around Hampstead Heath. I'm beginning to recognise the regulars not by their faces but by the pedigree dogs that follow behind them. I have never seen dogs of such interesting breeds and looking as if they belong on a tv commercial or something. By the time I came back at 930pm, there was still sunlight! I wish everyday had this amount of sunlight especially when it comes to winter.

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