Monday, June 13, 2011

A quiet Sunday

Hi Anna! Hope everything is going ok as I've not heard from you for a while.

Today my plans to wander around aimlessly in any market was cancelled due to the non stop drizzle. During the day I people watched from the window and noticed that unless it was heavy rain, people continued walking up and down the street without an umbrella.

In an attempt to use up all the mushrooms that were browning in the fridge, I cooked and ate too many of them for lunch in a stir fry and now I never want to see another mushroom again. I also baked a banana and sultana cake and ate half of it and I honestly blame the cold for my chocolate and cake addiction.

I went to a friend's house warming party last night. The theme was T-party, and you had to wear something starting with T. I didn't have anything so I wore this turtle around my neck.

It's actually a brass paper weight/ bottle opener that I bought from a bric-a-bracs store in Camden Markets and I looped a chain around one of the flippers to turn it into a necklace. There were lots of outrageous costumes/items worn: tooth fairy, tennis player, trainer, triathlete, Twister, towel and tea bags. I am kicking myself for not putting more thought into it and wrapping myself in toilet paper. This is something I would like to do once in my life.

Friday night I caught up with Vanni and Drew. It was like good old times and it was lovely to catch up with them and of course we did some reminiscing of Perth times! Vanni has acquired a Canadian accent which I am sure you will notice when she's back in Perth. According to a couple people I met last night, I pronounce some words in an English accent. I can't deny this because I've caught myself speaking in an English accent when I am talking to the kids. It just flows out of my mouth!

This week I am looking forward to catching up with a fellow teaching friend. I miss talking about teaching experiences with someone and having a laugh about things to help keep my sanity! In between hopefully there will be some work as well.

Hope you had a good weekend and I am keen to hear how Superleague went in Mandurah :)

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