Friday, June 17, 2011

Pizza date


What a lovely post about your dinner with your brother! :) I know how much you've been wanting to spend some quality time with him before he leaves and I could really sense the enjoyment and and fun you had in your writing. Oh the glorious food laid out in the photos is making me hungry even though I just had a huge dinner! I would like to try the Korean wine too....

More on food! Last night I also had a big dinner at Pizza Express which is a 5 minute walk away. My housemate had a voucher and for a grand total of 6 each you get garlic bread and a pizza!

Lightly brushed with garlic butter and the dough was incredibly soft!

This pizza had the thinnest base but thank goodness for that because it meant that I could finish it. The toppings and flavours were tantalizing!
Leek, artichoke, rosemary, pancetta, black pepper, chilli
 I explained to Eleanor that I needed photos for our blog and also thought you might be missing me a bit and needed a photo update. Hehe!
My illuminating pizza!
There is a lot of dining out to be done here!

Well I have done 3 days of teaching so far. Monday I had Year 5, Wednesday I had Year 4 and today Year 2. It is exhausting work but I am loving it (well most days anyway!). Weekend is just around the corner!

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