Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunny day for walking

Wow two blogs in one day! I feel spoilt :p

Superleague in Manudrah looked like so much fun! The apartment is STUNNING! Love the photo of Shaz and El! So adorable, they look ready for a serious game! Eugh.. there goes a wave of home sickness! I can't believe you haven't had steam boat since China 2008! You have to buy yourself one of those steam boat pots and make it an extra large one so you can have huge steam boat parties! We have one at home that burns on coal and most Chinese New Year it comes out. Drinking the delicious broth from the flavours of the ingredients fused together at the end is the best! Oh and I love how social eating steam boat can be. A bit like Korean BBQ but healthier and you don't get your clothes smelling of smoke.

No work today, and I have to confess I was quite relieved. Supply teaching sure takes it out of you because you never know which school you will be at/ what class you will cover/ what you will be doing. I have work for the rest of the week so there probably won't be anything exciting to blog about apart from work. In saying that though, tomorrow night I will be going on a pizza date with a housemate. I shall do an update on this!

Today I took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and went for a long walk near the Knightsbridge tube and walked past Harrods and Harvey Nicols. The uniformed doormen standing outside the doors of Harrods reiterated the fact that I won't be able to afford anything here (well maybe a macaroon) so I didn't go inside.
I also walked pass the Brompton Oratory.
Brompton Oratory
 I baked in the sun in Hyde Park and regretted that I had leggings on. The flats are my favourite pair and for children too that happen to be sitting in front of me on the mat while I am teaching. They simply cannot resist the temptation to run their fingers over the shiny embellishments
Resting the feet at Hyde Park
I'm still finding it odd that Londoners will happily strip off their clothes and lie in parks. I was walking in Hampstead Heath the other day and a lady was in her bikini laying on the grass. What a strange sight considering there was no beach nearby. And, if they don't happen to have any swim wear, they will pull down their singlet/ bra straps, roll up the shirt so that it is a midriff and cuff their shorts uncomfortably high. If you have good eye sight, lady on the far right of the pic is a prime example.

That's all for now Anna! Time to organise myself for work tomorrow.Thanks for doing the labels. Technology + me = not the best combination!

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