Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warm Fuzzies from paying it forward

Hey Chia!

I think the girl who played Matilda is Maria Wilson but Dakota Fanning was still super cute, though she's growing up now.

I had to blog to you about this!

I was walking to the office kitchen to refill my mug when I bumped into one of my work collegues who said "Anna! I haven't seen you in ages!" We have a small office, so that is saying a lot. I told her I had been sick all last week, but am now better.

We then started talking about random stuff (as you do in the office kitchen) and then she beamed about she was going really well with her partner now. She was so sweet and happy and said 'Yea, we are really good now, and it is all because of you and the talk you gave me! I wouldn't have known what to say if it wasn't for you!'

It made me really happy inside, and it was a rare type of happiness. I think it's that feeling that you have made a positive impact on someone's life- that by passing on the honest truths that I had to work through myself to be where I am now, has helped a couple work through their hardships to be happy together.

It's times like today, that remind me that I am actually very grateful for all that I have gone through. I thank everyone who I have met along the way and are still with me now, those who I have sadly let go to pursue their own happiness, and to those who I will meet in the future!

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