Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcoming June

Hello hello Anna!

I thought the sheep here were very much like what's illustrated in children's books. White fluffy bodies and black heads and legs. Well majority of them were anyway.

I didn't realise you like comic books! That reminds me, do you think I should see Wicked? I think you mentioned that you went to watch it in Perth? There are lots of musicals to choose from here and I definitely want to watch Phantom of the Opera too!

Shame you missed out on the Amazing Race. Would've loved to hear your experience on how it went! Yes.. the ultimate dream of course is to BE on the Amazing Race Australia!!! Think of our travelling in August/Sept as a trial of how we will be in each other's company in foreign places.

We are half way through the year and I find it daunting how quickly time goes. White looking through my inbox in search of something, I came across an email conversation  I sent to my mentor dated 23/06/08- that's almost THREE years ago!  I hope he doesn't mind me sharing some sentences with you.

"I have never been to Europe, and would love to go some day!"
He responded with:
"You write that you would love to travel to Europe some day. I have no doubt that you will do that."

Obviously he is one of the most wisest man I know. I mean, look at where I am now!

Yesterday I celebrated Lauren's birthday with Jarod. Jarod and I have only met Lauren once, and that was the night of the pub crawl about a month back. Magically we clicked and we've kept in touch since. She had been travelling in Europe and only just came back to London again so she did not have anyone to celebrate it with, so Jarod kindly invited us over for lunch. Jarod cooked beef stir fry in black bean sauce served with rice. I think this is the closest to Chinese I've had since I got here and it really made me miss my mum's cooking!!!

My contribution was getting cake of course! and washing up :) The cakes were bought from a shop near my place. They are looking a little odd there because they have been cut up in thirds to share. I was in a hurry to meet up and thankfully for the lady serving me, I didn't take long to pick.  Hazelnut, coffee and strawberry cheese. Easy! My favourite was the strawberry cheese cake. Tangy and not too creamy unlike the other two.

We also watched Hangover Part 2. I have to say it was funny in a very disturbing way and I'd definitely not like to be in any of the situation of the guys in real life. We all agreed that the first one was better. Also, thought I'd mention that it was my first time in a movie theater in London. I have a strange fascination about watching movies in different countries.

After that we carried on with drinks and dinner at an awesome pub called The Brewmaster. They serve really good food! This is where I had the amazing duck salad last time. Yummo! We shared a mini burger platter with fries and onion rings, and a blue cheese, cold meat and bread platter. I was full to the brim!

On the subject of food, these chocolates are insanely addictive! They are made by a fair trade company, they use organic cocoa and were two for 3GBP. That is three solid reasons for them to be eaten guilt free yes?

In an attempt to save money, I have been cooking a lot at home. Thanks to Jarod's beef dish, I had a mad craving for noodles and today I made stir fry noodles with mangetout, cauliflower and carrot. Now what is mangetout I hear you ask? It's another word for snow peas! How interesting! I didn't know there was another name for snow peas. . I don't think that it tasted that great but it was the Chinese in me combined with my intense craving for noodles that caused me to devour it all before the camera had a chance. I won't let that happen again because I know that some of you might like to see my cooking :p

Tomorrow I will make pizza and bake cookies! I found out that my housemate is a chocoholic. And I mean, a chocoholic with a capital C! I have not met anyone that consumes chocolates like she has described. We compared notes and definitely, she wins hands down! This is awesome news because then we can both pig out on baked goods together.

Another weekend has arrived! I wonder what you will be doing. I hope your sickness has gone and you are healthy enough to enjoy the weekend :)

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  1. you can get those Green and Black's chocolates at Woolies! Butterscotch is my fav