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Ah Chia!!!

Thank you for posting the photos of your pizzas! They looked really yummy! And because it is winter now, Pizza and pasta is just really sounding good at the moment! Were you not full from the one pizza?!

Your cookies look so delicious! I want to have some to take to work for a snack! Do you still have some? Or are they all gone?!?

Sorry it's been a while between posts. I had a huge weekend starting from Friday, but I will post tomorrow night about those festivities. For this post... I'm going to focus on WICKED!

I just returned from the opening night of Wicked! Oh my goodness. It is so so SO good! So good, that even though I was watching it for the second time, I still laughed, cried and was surprised all over again!

I had been so excited about Wicked all week. I was following 'Wickedinoz' on twitter, and was trying to stay on top of the updates. For example, the cast was supposed to be in Murray Street mall at 5.15pm last Thursday, I hurried out from work to try and see them, but as I went down the lift and checked twitter, Wickedinoz tweeted that the meet and greet was cancelled due to weather and flight delays. Boo.

Also, in the past few weeks, I had been eyeing some really pretty jewelry, because I really wanted something sparkly. But, because I had been saving for the Vietnam and Hong Kong trip (I fly off this coming Friday), I was sad about not being able to buy a certain set of matching earrings and ring. Even more so, because they were this rich emerald green colour, and I really wanted to wear to Wicked.

But, before going to Wicked, Kev surprised me with gifts!

Super happy!

I was in total shock. Kev bought me the set! I am still in disbelief. When I look at them, I just think that it's a dream. I went psycho for a while, and a little emo too. I also started to have this feeling that I didn't deserve such a thoughtful and kind gift, for no particular occasion. He bought it as a just cause! Thank you so much Kev!

After hugging Kev to death, we got ready and drove to Burswood for dinner at Sirocco with my parents. Dinner was quick, and perfectly timed so that we would have plenty of time to get to our seats!

We were "this" far from the stage

Our seats were awesome! When I bought the tickets for my parents, Kev and I, I made sure that we got awesome seats. I wanted to see every detail this time round, and I really wanted my parents to get the best experience!

Happily seated

Parents in 'spying' range of view

Because I aimed for the best seats possible, I couldn't seat all of us together. So I got my parents tickets one row in front of us. It worked out well for me, because, every so often when something awesome was going to come on stage, I would sneak a peak at my parents, and... yea... seeing their faces change from blank to smiles, laughter and surprise, made me really really happy- that they were enjoying themselves.

I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll keep my post general. The songs, the costumes, the stage work was just awesome. Just how I remembered the show in Sydney, only better!- Because I was closer this time. I still beamed through 'What is this feeling' and 'Popular'; laughed at Galinda/Glinda at how perky she was (she is a lot of good fun!); and I still had to try really hard to hold back the tears for 'Defying Gravity' and 'For Good.' I remember when I first saw Wicked in Sydney, I never heard of any of the songs before, and when 'Defying Gravity' and 'For Good' were sung, it blew me away. The lyrics are so clever that they demonstrate the emotions of Elphaba and Glinda beautifully, and in such a way that it strikes a chord that really resonates with my past experiences. I will say openly that 'For Good' has helped me look at past relationships that once used to hurt me, in a beautiful and positive way. I now thank every person, experience and lessons that I have learnt, and now look back at those personal challenges happily.

In the half time intermission, Kev and I went out for a toilet break, and I bumped into Amy and her friends. They all were saying that it was so good, and that they would see it again! Everyone was so taken by this musical, that the whole theatre was buzzing with happiness.

When Kev and I returned to our seats, a friend came to visit us:

YAY for WICKED and Wicked friends!
Surprised?!!!! I told the boys that I had to take a photo of all of us, so that I could show you! Haha! David was with his group of friends, and sat a few rows behind us! I actually saw him when I was eating at Siroccos! He was walking to the theatre when I was waiting for our bill to arrive. David somehow, saw me in the window, and came up to wave at us! David said that he was loving the musical too!

Anywho... I've included a photo of me modelling my matching earrings and ring that Kev got for me! He totally granted my wish to be "totally Oz-ified!" Thank you so much Kev!

Oz-ified me!

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