Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Superleague Round 2

Hey Chia!

This weekend I had round 2 of Superleague which was held in Mandurah.

Shaz and Els had their games on Saturday morning and finished up at around 2pm. Kev then had his games on from about 2pm and finished at about 6.30pm. My games were on Sunday from 10.30 and ending at about 4pm.

It was an epic weekend.

Shaz was super organised and had booked us a really nice place at Crest Holiday Accommodation to stay over on the Saturday night. While I watched Kev's volleyball games, Shaz and Els checked in, found my camera and swamped it with photos of the place, and of course, themselves.

Our view from the balcony
I only got to see this view on Sunday morning, as Kev, Ben (Asian, volleyball Ben) and I only got to the apartment after dark. But when I did see the view, it was breathtaking!

Below are the photos taken by Shaz and Els.

Els 'creeping' in the balcony

Els and Shaz

Our awesome kitchen

So comfy!
After Kev finished his games on Saturday we returned to the apartment to allow Kev to wash up before we headed out for dinner. We ended up eating at the Brighton Mandurah Hotel which was pretty yum and at a reasonable price. I didn't take any photos because we were so hungry, and there was just no time for photos. I ordered the Lamb rump which was delicious!

We then returned to the apartment. Shaz went to party with her volleyball team who had booked a place down the road, and Kev, Els, Ben and I just ate ice cream, nibbled on some snacks and drank a bottle of red. I was mindful of my game the next day, so when Shaz returned at about 12.30am I went to bed. The others continued partying it on, inventing a new game called 'volley pong' which was similar to table tennis, but different. It sounded like fun from my side.

Sunday morning, Ben, Kev and I woke up early and drove to Cafe Pronto to have breakfast. It was freezing cold! I was so glad I wore my skins. Breakfast was exactly what I needed! I ordered poached eggs on toast with grilled tomato, and Kev and Ben ordered the eggs Benedict. Kev and I shared our dishes, which gave us the best of both worlds, and allowed me to still have a tasty, yet not so filling breakfast.

The volleyball games were far from boring. This time round, I was less nervous, but the intensity and drama was turned up a notch. We won our first game, and then the second, third and fourth game we lost. The points were minimal, but morale was shattered. We just fell into this ugly funk- to the point that in our third game, we were no longer gelling.

After a pep talk with Ben, I just told myself to make more efforts to stay positive. Whatever I was doing in those games, was not chilled out enough. And to be honest, I tried really hard to stay positive and not let the frustration get to me. I realised that there was more than just staying focused; and that we needed to just relax and have more fun. We lost our fourth, but we played a lot better (and out score was better than the lat time we played against this team in round 1). Then finally, our fifth game against Joondalup, we won, and . One of the girls who played in superleague last year was beaming and said "we have never beaten Joondalup before!" From then on, we got our groove back. Final results for our team for the day was the same as the last round- 3 losses and 4 wins.

When the Sunday games finished, I was so tired. But I was super excited for MORE steamboat! Shaz had invited us back to her place for homemade steamboat (she had worked hard and prepared it all by herself on the Friday night! Such an awesome effort!). And, because we didn't have a proper lunch (I just sliced oranges, snakes and skittles in between games, and half a cheese and ham toastie shared with Kev) We were all super hungry!

Shaz's hella good steamboat. I want more.
That is all that I am craving these days. Steamboats. It's so cold in Perth now, and I know it going to get colder!

Well... that's my weekend! =D

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