Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Heya Chia!

I love your brooches! They are so cool!!! And omg! You are so adorable in your photo! It looks like it's slowly heating up!

I am currently at a micro brewery in Nga-Trang called 'Louisiane'.

It's really hot, and humid. We are just relaxing on beer and finger food. Everything in Vietnam is so cheap! I've eaten so much yummy food, that I have most definitely gained weight!

We have been in Nha-Trang for 2 days, and return to Ho Chi Minh city tomorrow morning.

But, today, we have spent our time at a mud bath. It was super nice!!! My skin feels fantastic. But at first, I was a bit hesitant, thinking it may be a bit unhygienic etc. But Vietnam has consistently surprised me with it's cleanliness.

We had two baths next to each other, so the boys got into one and the girls in the other. For the photo, we squished together.

Oooh! By the way, remember I posted About having a big night out? At the club, there was a photographer, and photos have gone up! I realized that he really loved us because we were the only group that did anything. Haha!

Anyways leaving the brewery, so no more wifi! Seeyaaas!

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