Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Morning post


I love your list!! I Also miss one on one catch ups. There is something about a group that makes it hard to talk about true 'how are you'. I know that once there is more than two, I turn on my general conversations so that everyone is involved. I just find it rude and well, I feel bad leaving the third clueless. But that's just me =P

For your curiosity as to what is in my car:

My messy trunk

My trunk always consists of- my snorkel, mask and fins (my diving shoes are at Kev's); my pumps, thongs, and my pink crumpler bag which usually has either my volleyball gear (general sport gear). For a while, I had a bag of the books you gave me back in there, and a bag with my swimming gear too. But since it's winter, I took out the swimming gear, and I also took your books out.

At the moment, I'm on the train. It feels like it's been a while since I've blogged on the train!

Your solo time sounds great hey. I don't think I've ever been alone for such a prolonged time, to know if I like my own company!

Oh yes! See Wicked! Let me know what you think! I'm still thinking of what musical I would like to see in London. Perhaps when you see Wicked, you may see some posters or some promotions of one! I'll have a look on the Internet to see what will be showing in August/September.

At the moment, I am slowly getting ready for Vietnam and Hong Kong. It really has snuck up on me. I've made a shopping list of things I want, and hopefully, tonight after volleyball, I'll pack. I'm thinking summer clothes!

P.S I just got into work and I LOVE google's theme today:

So cute!

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