Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Falling in love with the Lakes


The Lake District was absolutely STUNNING! This area is incredibly scenic and there are more than one lakes in the area and so many different hills and areas to explore and trek.

I would love to go back here again, but there are many other areas to be seen and to get there was a bit of a journey. I am feeling a little sad that the trip was short and that it went by so quickly. This area deserves a whole week at least, especially if you are like me and you love wide open spaces and scenary.

On Saturday morning I had to catch the tube to Marylebone station. From there it took about a 2 hour train ride to Solihull. The train ride was very pleasant. I was worried that I would catch the wrong one, but traveling there and back was cinch!

I was met by a friend in Solihull who did a super job hosting me :) Stratford is about an hour away and we drove there to see Shakespeare's town and birth place. We also spent some time shopping for some last minute trekking stuff like jumpers and rainproof pants.

The next day we drove up north to the Lake District and this took another 2.5 hours. We spent about 3 hours trekking but it would've been shorter if it had not been drizzling (we stopped plenty of times to pull on and off our rain jackets) and for taking photos of course!

I chased a sheep, I rolled in a field of flowers and overgrown grass, I got my feet cold and soggy from stepping in streams and bogged areas,  I ran my fingers over the rocks and fern, I climbed a gate, I felt the drizzle of  fresh rain on my cheeks, I took deep breathes of the crisp air, I tried to experience as much as I could of the English country. There was so much to absorb that I could just sit in one place perched up high on the hill and for the whole day. I am like that, one to sit, stare and ponder. The stone walls, the lush grass, the lime green moss covered rocks, the white cottages scattered across the landscape, the stillness of the lakes, the gentle cascade of the streams. I wonder if the locals tire from the scenery?

The town where we started our trek was called Grasmere. It was also a good location to trek from because after the trek, we walked to see William Wordsworth's and his family's grave site. The people were so friendly and Grasmere is such a charming little town!

I hope I managed to convey to you in a few short paragraphs and a couple of photographs how I am truly in love with the Lake District!

 Your post has inspired me to do some pizza making this weekend! I am now off to enjoy today's rare sunny day with a walk to the shops and getting some groceries.

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