Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Support Crew

Hey Chia!

So the hours have increased. I billed 15.1 hours yesterday. At about 10.30 last night, a red window popped up on my computer screen asking me to click no if I didn't want my computer to be shut down- I've never seen that window before! I guess only the late night owls are privy to such scheduling quirks of the computer systems here.

But yea, left work at 11pm.

Meeting with counsel wasn't that bad, was two hours just me and her, going through the trial bundle and all the witnesses. There is still a lot to do. Some witnesses did not comply with their subpoena to provide documents; telling me and the court that they had nothing that we were requesting. But then late yesterday afternoon, the plaintiff discovered documents from them! Augh! It got me annoyed. Someone was just not doing their job.

It's the little things like that. It's the things that take a lot of time to complete, because you need to jump through all these damn hoops before you can get the information you need, that nibbles away my sanity.

But OMG! My secretary is the sweetest thing! When she came into my office yesterday morning she said 'Hey Anna, I thought you may need this.'

How sweet is that! She continued on saying 'I was looking for marshmallow chocolates, when I saw that, and I thought you would need it to help you get through this matter.' I was so touched at her thoughtfulness, that I just got out of my chair and hugged her, crossing all professional, office behavior boundaries. She asked 'Isn't there anyone that can help you? There is just so much to do for this.' I sadly said 'Unfortunately no.'

It really touched me Chia, like it's those little things such as; Kev's care and generosity with his time to make sure I am safe; Laura's thoughtfulness with her chocolate goodies, and being so accommodating when I need her to do stuff last minute; and little encouragements from everyone, that makes those moments when an impeding tsunami of anxiety builds up, bearable and not as bad.

Shaz, who had also been stressed because she has her CPA exams on Thursday, MMS'ed me this last night at about 10pm:

Haha! She said she got her mom to write it! My Chinese is rusty, but I knew encouragement when I see it! So I 'jia you -ed' it all the way.

I'm so lucky to have a support crew providing ongoing encouragement. Thanks guys!

It's weird, but last night, I didn't mind working late as much, I actually forgot what time it was. It was only when I left work, that exhaustion hit me. It was also, only when I was walking to the train station with a happy and tipsy Kevin, when I realised, that I actually enjoyed this work. Except I had a feeling telling me that I should not make working 15 hours a habit. Haha. If I did this, I really wouldn't have a life.

Anyways, I've lazed in bed long enough. Need to get back to work.

Happily waiting for your next post!

-Anna xXoo


  1. Hope you're getting some sort of time in lieu...

    Plus if you work till 11pm, shouldn't you be afforded a taxi at the very least...

  2. anna said...
    Yea, unfortunately, I am pretty sure that I don't. It's just part of the job.

    Too true about the taxi fare! I forgot about it last night. I'll keep it in mind for next week!

    You're emails have been encouraging too David!

    Actually, on the drive here, Snoop Dogg's new song was on the radio, and I L.O.V.E it. I just want to dance every time I hear it! My head starts bopping, then my shoulders start a'rollin and its just awesome! And then I thought of you, and how I noticed at Chia's going away, that you have the same dance 'steps' or 'moves' as me (the steps/moves that Shaz and Sarah would tease me about) and it made me smile! =D