Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Environmentally healthy

Ahoy hoy Chia!

Your book sounds like a lot of fun! By the way, what is doggy or kitty kiddle? Lol the Bible flip sounds amusing! I can just imagine flipping through it and landing on a page completely irrelevant. Haha! What happens with the fondue?

Ah bless you Chia! It's true! We are usually in our own little bubbles when we are surrounded by others. Just then, a boy came on the train with his music turned up loud in his headphones. A woman sitting across from him said:

'Excuse me!' and she motioned to the boy. He looked at her and pulled out one earphone.

'I don't want to hear your music, please turn it down.'

The boy looked down and complied.

Everyone on the train tuned in for that little interaction. It is weird right. That we all just ignore others around us. Sometimes I feel like I should say something, to the people who look like their open to interaction. But, I usually decide against it. I guess it is because a lot of the time, when in transit, people are stressed, anxious, tired, or in their own thoughts.

Oh! Happy birthday to HW too! Though I haven't spoken to your properly, I've heard heaps about you! =D Hope you had a special day!

Yesterday, Kev took home an electric car from his work! I was quite excited to experience an electric car, as I would definitely consider getting one in the future, if they are mass produced.

The photo is a little bit blurry, but isn't it cute?! =D

The car was super quiet! I thought Hugo was good, but this car made no sound, except a faint whirl. I said to Kev that it reminded me of a tram in Amsterdam. Even when it was stopped at a red light, there was no engine shudder or rattling. It was dead still. Amazing! Kev took it home to 'drain' the battery. Haha! Sounds like a toy car right?

When we stopped, I asked Kev to pop the hood, to have a looksee at what the engine looks like. Guess what? There was no engine in the front of the car. We discovered that the engine was in this box underneath the trunk space. But it had a cover over it which was bolted down.

But yea, that was the high of my day, having ride in an electrical car.

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