Monday, May 2, 2011

YAY you've got TICKETS!

Morning Anna!

CONGRATS on your booking! I cannot wait to see you! This will be something for me to look forward and I anticipate that the thought of it will pull me through tough days. I hope you are having a good start to the week.

What a lovely weekend you had dining with Kev! Aww!  I miss girly dates, but I think I also miss man dates! ;)  You look stunning with those red lips :) The strawberry coulis is almost the same colour of your lips. Looks like this place will be on your list of restaurants to re visit. How did you hear of this restaurant? Perth surprises me with all these restaurants.

Do you think you will go to your 10 year reunion? I remember Alicia and I were talking about this. We couldn't believe that it would be 10 years next year.  I think it is a lot nicer to catch up in smaller groups. I wonder if one is being for our school. I guess I won't have the dilemma of deciding whether to go or not. With Facebook updates etc, I would think a reunion is not really necessary.

Yes the bow piece is a necklace! You HAVE to save up every dollar before coming here. You will see so many things you will want to buy. An extra empty suitcase will come in handy too!

Last night was my latest night out. My friend Jenna who's been in London for the last 2 years teaching, invited me to see her cousin's band performance in Notting Hill Arts Centre.This place was underground but it had a very chilled out feel to it. Throughout the night they featured different musicians. My favourite was a band called James Canty. I don't know how to describe the music. Perhaps it is called Indie Rock? Alternate? They gave out a free CD but I can't play it since my netbook has no drive for it. My favourite song was one which they had a girl clanging two metal bin lids together to create a drum like sound. It was quite a wonderful experience.  I came back at about 11pm. I was a little apprehensive about coming back late on the tube h,owever there were plenty of people walking around and I did not feel unsafe at all. Imagine doing that in Perth.

The people there were very friendly. I noticed that the men all have a similar look to them. They are lean and wear fitted jeans that they like to roll up an inch or two ro show their socks and shoes. They have scruffy hair and wear collared shirts under their knitted cardis. I love how different the people here dress. I think people watching will become a favourite past time.

I am still looking high and low for anything Kate/William inspired but I had no luck. However I hope this will do. I was reading the newspaper and I came across this ad. I had to to do a double take on it! Seriously who comes up with these ideas?

I don't know if they still sell it, but if I had time I would hunt this down for you. Cooking it would be a problem becauseI am in a hostel. Imagine cooking it,the cheese would be brown, and it would look like some other couple's face. Plus it probably wouldn't taste nice because the toppings are spread unevenly.

Today at 1pm I will be meeting a friend of a friend that I have never met before thanks to Ching :) It is becoming a frequent thing, this whole business of meeting friends of friends but I absolutely love it!
For now, I will continue my hunt for a room. I saw one place yesterday and the neighbourhood was incredibly beautifull.

I would like to live on the west side but I don't have a particular area in mind. Just somewhere with good transport links and relatively safe. The room was a good size, but it was part of a flat minus living and dining room and the whole flat itself was quite small. I think  Shaz has found accomodation, but she is heading back to Perth after 6 months. Lucky her, today she is off to do a Europe trip with her parents!

Today we are blessed with beautiful blue skies again! Speak to you soon Anna MUAH!

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