Friday, May 6, 2011

Ongoing trial prep

Hi Chia!

Wow it sounds like so much fun! I love how random hostels are! It's like a train station or airport really. Everyone is going somewhere. Except in a hostel, everyone's travels are are a short pause; so, people have an opportunity to open up and share a little bit with people. I love it! I miss it! Ahhhh! Enjoy every moment of it!

Yea I was wondering what was happening with that random guy's blurry face. Also, what's going on with that woman's face? Is that a painting on the wall? Or... Is this your first encounter with... The haunted side of the UK?

I mean, it has a lot of history. Europe in general. I remember that the streets, homes and buildings all feel like a lot of events had taken place there. Generations have walked the street, lived their lives out in a home and opened and closed various businesses in the buildings.

Haha! Yea. Hostel living opens you up to the interruptions of other people's schedules. I remember in Melbourne when Kev, Shaz, Sarah, Jesi and I shared a room with a Canadian guy named Robin. We joked that he looked Swedish, and since he was quiet when we arrived, we just called him 'Sven'. We then started drinking games in our dorm (every night) and he would be there trying to read his twilight books and shyly look on. But he ended up drinking with us and yea, only really hung out with him during the day on our last day there. But he was awesome. He made our trip interesting. He was only 18 I think, and he was working for door to door sales, which sounded hard. I remember his feet was sore or something, because the business shoes he got, were not comfortable for walking around for a long period.

Anyways, your London hostel experience sounds awesome! Is the girl from Hong Kong (I am assuming she's the Asian one) the girl you went to watch the changing of the guards?

I am still working. Geez, I can't wait till it's over so I can write about something new. But yea, things are starting to come together. I have a meeting with counsel at 3pm and I have two chronologies to be completed, proofs of evidence sorted and our trial bundle in its prototype form. I'm on the train now, 7.14... But I know I still don't have a lot of time. Augh! Got to POW it baby. Non stop- this is me amping myself up.

Yea, I like to name things and make it mine. It makes things fun and well, yea. Makes those common things a little special to me. Phyllis derives from its proper name Spathiphyllum (white peace lily). Hugo, well, I just thought of it when I saw him. His pearlescent yellow is called 'Helios' but yea, he looked like a Hugo. Haha.

Last night 'Kevman' came to visit me bringing dumplings!

He then stayed around late and worked too. Actually, he played Words with Friends against Ben, and tied with him; scoring 400 something points each. Anyways, It felt like uni or school all over again! Especially later on when Kev passed me a:

Note! Haven't gotten one of these in ages!

Eventually we took the train home. But it wasn't an ordinary train ride! Bumped into Clem who had finished gyming after work! So I had a train buddy to ride with me to my station after Kev got off at his!

Anyways. Walking to work now. Wearing heels to get a little more height. Counsel asked my supervisor 'how old is Anna? She sounds really young!' Eeep! So yea, though I'd add a little more height to me, so I don't look like a child in grown up clothes. So yea. The heels are making it unstable to walk and blog at the same time.

Miss ya!


  1. I see that I have now been named like all the other things =p

    PS Joyce stop stalking.