Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Greenhouse

Hey Chia!
Your adventures are sounding better and better! I like your goal to try and eat as many different type of food possible before leaving the UK! I totally support that!

I am so tripped out that you bumped into your uncle!!!! So...more details? Like did you see them first, or did they see you first? Were you just walking in the street crossing paths and heading in the opposite directions? Or was it at a market stall?

Your stag night encounter sounds hilarious! Were you having a big night too?

Today I had lunch with Eddie. It's been a while, and it's always so nice to catch up with him. We ended up going to the Greenhouse for treats and look what came out:

We ordered the five spiced marron, tofu, green mango salad and the
confit lamb shoulder, eggplant romesco, kipfler potatoes with a side dish of this roasted/smoked sweet potato.

All dishes were super yummy, the lamb was tender and very filling. The marron salad was refreshing and substantial without being heavy. Great meal!

We then decided to order desert, which took forever to come out! (20 mins).

Eddie is super happy here! ^__^
That log closest to Eddie looks hardly impressive, but it blew us out of the water in taste factor!!! It was the baked custard, rhubarb compote, cinnamon, and it just melted in your mouth.

Initially, when Eddie kindly cut it in half for us, I said 'I'm pretty full, you can have it all.' He was like 'No, believe me when I say, you will want your half.' I was sitting on the 'so-so' fence. I was full, and to me, the yoghurt parfait, rose jelly, watermelon, strawberries, looked awesome.

I took one bite of that compote, and ate my words with it. It was so delicious. I described it to Eddie along the lines of 'omg, it melts in your mouth. It's like so warm, soft and moist. It's just like..' and then the topic changed to the second Matrix movie, when the Merovingian gave a girl sitting across the restaurant a cake which gave her an orgasm. Haha!

Speaking about green. Look what I found on Phyllis this morning!

That tiny new stem does not look like the usual leaf!!! I am so excited and hope it's a flower!!!

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  1. Oh the food looks divine!!! I guess both of us have been doing our taste buds a favour :)

    I remember going to The Greenhouse with you and the main I had was delicious too!