Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just signed up to...

So being here is all for trying new things right?

Well I signed up for an online networking site in London today. I've been wondering how on earth can I meet people that I normally wouldn't get the chance to meet. We've decided that when you're on public transport or other public areas, people are in their own little bubble and it's not exactly conducive to making conversations.

Now this is not a dating site, let me just clarify that (not that anyone should be concerned if it was!). I am really keen to make girl friends because girls are better company than boys. Just kidding! There are groups that you can join and people organise social events so that you can meet a group of people at one time. There is a speed friends (similar concept to speed dating) tomorrow evening with up to 40 people BUT it will take me 1.5- 2 hours to make it down there since I live up north and I will be travelling in peak hour and not to mention having to make the same journey all the way back. Am I making excuses? Positive thinking hat on Chia!

Ok I just clicked that bright blue button. Here's to new experiences!

You'd think it's easy to sign up for something like this, but it's rather difficult to create a 'profile' for yourself. I mean what picture do you choose? What do you select to write in the tiny space provided?

I'm not exactly sure how far I will go with this. It might just be forgotten in a few days time, brushed under the category of 'things-I've-tried-and-will-never-do-again'.Well will let you all know how the speed friends goes! No chickening out!

Oh and that reminds me dog/cat kibble is dried pet food biscuits.

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