Thursday, May 5, 2011

The joys of living in a hostel

Last night I went out and had fantastic time partying on a pub crawl with these girls that were sharing the same dorm with me for the last few days.

They're from Brazil, France and HK and an easy going friendly bunch of girls! We went to 5 different pubs and clubs and there were about 20 of us but a lot more guys than girls. A good thing for us girls, and I did meet a very cute English guy who's in the British Army...

I have no idea who that pink illuminated man behind is. How creepy.
I have been moved again to another dorm because I keep extending my stays and I didn't manage to stay in the same dorm with the girls again for that night. So when I came back at 3am, I dreaded having to climb up my bunk and disturbing the others in my new dorm that I've never met before.  Lucky for me, a guy from NZ and an Australian chick were still up talking to each other. In my slightly intoxicated state I convinced them to walk across the bottle shop (thank goodness for 24 hour service!) and get some drinks back so that I wasn't the only one blabbering about. They were incredibly easy going and friendly and we talked for ages up until 5am and decided that we would do a pub crawl on Fri or Sat night because they haven't been on one yet.

Unfortunately shortly after we all fell asleep, I was woken up by constant bed movements and noises. Yes you are right. I thought I was hallucinating but my suspicions were confirmed this morning when I climbed down to see two pairs of feet. There was another guy who was staying in the dorm and he did not get back until we all fell asleep. It was rather awkward fumbling through my bags right under the bed they were in. I guess at one point of my hostelling this was bound to happen.

Apart from that, I love how there are so many like minded travelers as well as people who are here to work in the same situation as myself. The longer I stay in this hostel, the more I get to know the people here and even if I am tired of living out of a suitcase it is actually starting to feel homely when you see the regular faces.

Sunday will be the day I move in. I found the room using a website and I will be living with 2 other females. I will start work early next week as well. I am absolutely looking forward to it!

I hope I cheered you up a little. I want to see you and give you a hug and get you up and going again. I know you will get through it you little trooper! Good for you for getting all that pent up angst in volleyball even if it means being bossy :P You know you can always send me an email to vent right? Any time! I am all ears or eyes. Plus you have my number at hand :)

I think Hugo and Kev have a very good relationship. How nice of Kev! Can we call him Super Kev if he's a hero? Or should we call him Kevman? Sometimes little things makes a huge difference when you are having a rough day.

Also, I think I am falling in love with Phyllis. I love plants and the way you talk about Phyllis! It's as if she's your little pet! I think she deserves a bigger pot soon with all the new leaves sprouting up.

This blog is taking ages for me to finish because I am sitting in the common room and I keep getting lost in conversations with people that have been coming in. Signing off now!

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