Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trial day 4 - Off the hook

Hey Chia!

OMG!!!! The relief! Yesterday was the 'last day' for this trial. We sped through all the witnesses, and it was definitely the most exciting and interesting day of this trial. Unfortunately we ran over time, so our closing submissions are to be held on Monday, but as counsel told me at the end of yesterday- 'You're off the hook.'

The witnesses that we found for our case were really good, loads of guts and personality; and, when we broke for lunch, counsel bumped into one of the court Registrars and we ended up having lunch with him. It was quite daunting because I have never been so close or in a social context with such an authority figure that I usually appear before.

Anyways, its sad that I can't go into details of the trial, but looking back now, I must say it was pretty damn interesting.

After the trial was adjourned, I returned to the office. Laura smiled at me and said 'You must be so relieved!' and she handed me a vodka cruiser! I happily downed that!

I then met up with Els, Shaz and Kev for my first hours of no-trial-stress. Oh! Shaz mms'ed me this picture a earlier this week for more trial encouragement:

How cute hey? I like the shiny star!

When I saw Els, she handed me over a little package! She was super sweet and said that it was a little something for working so hard! It was a Lululemon headband for sport! A nice bright orange colour! Exactly what I need for volleyball! All this support has really helped me through such an intense learning curve. Thank you so much everyone! You all have definitely been superheroes, preventing this junior lawyer from falling into insanity and depression!

So last night we went walking around and explored some shops. I just enjoyed being out. I was quite tired though, so while Els and Shaz explored Wasteland on Kings Street, Kev and I enjoyed the seat of this groovy chair:


We then ate at the Quarter, which is tucked away behind that church on the corner of William Street and Hay street. It's a really nice restaurant! If you ever return to visit Perth, we should go there!

This morning, I had a dream of a cute fluffy white dog bounce into my lap, all excited and happy. I was patting him and enjoying his affectionate licks. I then woke up. My eyes reluctantly peeled themselves open, and as my auditory senses tuned into my surroundings, I realised I was woken up by Coco's barking. I looked at my clock. 5.50am. Shit. Even with the trial over, I can't sleep in.

Coco continued to call out, asking for someone to let him out to pee and to feed him. So bleary eyed, I stumbled through the darkness of the morning to get the dog food, and allow Coco and Pepsi have their breakfast. I grabbed the early morning paper (Part 2 of the Saturday West, as Part 1 was on our lawn last night?!) and then tried to get back to sleep. I tossed and turned, went on Facebook on my iPhone, and continued to do so until 7.30, when I gave up trying.

I then remembered your posts about your morning strolls, and decided to force myself out for a run. It was a freezing morning, and in my shorts and singlet I embarked on my usual path along the beach. It was really good! Missed the air. The water was calm, no waves, just the current stirring in and out from the shore. Each familiar hill was definitely a challenge. The further I ran, the more my lungs felt as if each breath expelled the dust from my 3 months absence from this track. It has been a long time.

For the rest of today day, I've had the sniffles and just felt slightly under the weather. I purposely eased myself into the running, but my body was definitely showing me that it was trying to adjust to the shock of the chilly morning.

I did my chores, and then met up with Shaz in the city to help her find a present for her cousin. We looked in David Jones, Peter Alexander and then ended up at Lululemon. We hoped that we could find some sport gear for her. When we arrived, Shin was working! We asked for his advice, but soon established that the sizes at Lululemon were too big for Shaz's cousin who was 14 years old.

Shin then told us that he would like to use us as Lululemon product testers! Because we play volleyball, and I run, he asked Shaz and I to select an item of clothing and he would give it to us for feedback! ^______^

Shaz got the speed shorts in the black and I ended up getting a running shirt.

Me and my running shirt. The shorts are the speed shorts that Shaz got, but in the blue.

The material is super light and surprisingly warm. There material breathes, and is lined with silver nylon in the sweat prone areas- under arms; back; and under the boobs. (How thoughtful!) This silver nylon is supposed supposed to prevent body odours sticking or absorbing into material. I am excited to give it a whirl! More info here.

Anyways. I hope you are well! Your cake looked so yummy and I wish I was there to eat it!!

Miss yas!

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