Monday, May 23, 2011

To the markets and food!

What a weekend you've had Anna! Would be quite an experience to watch and to barrack for your team. Dust out the pom poms! Might even be more heart racing than the Eagles game I watched :p

Here are some of the pics to show you what I've been up to on my weekend.
Mainly consisting of the opposite of what you've been doing.... eating!

I'm very reluctant and yet to have fish and chips/sausages/mash/pies offered in pubs, so on Friday night I thought I'd try the duck salad. It was extremely tasty to my surprise especially since it was a pub meal.

We came across a stag night party on the streets (what we would call a buck's night) or more like THEY came to us because the groom to be was trying to sell the Big Issue to us. The end result was no Big Issue in hand, but him topless in the middle of Leicester Square and me 50 pence short. HILARIOUS! Me to the left and guy to the right about to take it off.

On Saturday I had delicious West African food at Camden Markets. I don't know why but I imagined it would be spicy but it wasn't.

Camden Market area has a edgy vibe to it. You see interesting characters dressed in leather and punk and  graffiti around.

On Sunday I had Caribean food in Spitalfield Markets and it tasted very similar to West African food. Perhaps it's my taste buds that cannot pick up the difference. Only difference I noticed was that the Caribbean food had cumin in it. Lady below is scooping up what was my lunch! Mmmm!

It was somewhere here I bumped into my uncle and his daughter from Perth! How random considering we both did not live in that area and how big London is! Can't escape Perth can you?

My ultimate goal at the end of the 2 years is to have tried as many varieties of food possible minus plumping up too much. So far I have a favourite Middle Eastern restaurant and chocolate brownies that anyone has to try when in London :)

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