Monday, May 16, 2011

The whale to ride

Hello Anna!

Another weekend over! It's been exactly a week since I moved in.

Well no idea what this week will bring.  I know that the kids are on a one week break soon so I will definitely not be working for a week. I met friends of a friend last night from Nottingham and Birmingham that came to London for the weekend and we had a ball. Perhaps during the break I will visit these places. I cannot wait for my first train ride and country experience!

We all went out last night and one of the places we went was an exclusive club where the rich and fabulous mingle. One of the house rules quoted exactly at the back of the drinks menu was: no name dropping, no star f-ing. I don't know if I like this rule. It was quite an experience. The thought that I could be breathing the same air as someone famous. Not that I would be able to tell you because the place had lots of little booth seating and were lit by candle light.

What else did I get up to? Well on Friday I went to the National Gallery. This place is another slice of heaven for me.It houses an astounding collection of artworks dating back from the 13th century and artists such as Cezanne and Van Gogh. I spent about 3 hours in there, and I was nowhere near done. I could not just breeze past and glance at a painting. I admired and marveled and allowed myself to be lost in the painting. But of course these pieces of artworks deserved more attention than I could give. The details on the clothing were intricate and spectacular and I wanted to run my fingers and trace the brushstrokes. My favourites would be the portraits. I imagined myself as the artist commissioned to paint the subject standing right in front of me. I felt like I was in a time machine having these people staring back at me. I wondered what were their exact thoughts? I love the fact that this gallery is free of charge and I know I will be back for multiple visits. It will be on the top 5 list of free things to do. (So far only Hamstead Heath is on the list)

I also lost my MAC eyeliner so I spent forever looking for a place that sold it. Certainly didn't think it would be that hard but Selfridges was the only department store (a bit like David Jones but of course larger) that had them. I must be jinxed or something because it's been twice that I've lost my MAC stuff. Anyway, I mention this because Selfridges have quirky window displays and themes. Currently I believe the theme is something like saving the ocean. I came across this:

Isn't it adorable? I saw one man give it a go but he finished by the time I decided to whip out the camera. No one seemed interested in riding it. If I had someone there to laugh with me, I would've said yes in a heartbeat! I have never done it before on a bull and to have a go on a whale? I cannot imagine a better way to kick start it than this! Telling you about it makes me want to convince someone to go with me first thing tomorrow. In fact I am going to have to do this. I will do a post on FB and see if there are any "thrill seekers" out there.

If I am absent from blogger I may be very well suffering from whiplash or other injuries.

That is superb that you got to try out a product from your fav store! Good on Shin. I will have to go and see if I can find a Lululemon store here. (How would you pronounce it? I keep thinking it's lulu- ler- mon or is it lemon? ) I love the running top that you picked and how you showed off the sleeves! What a novel idea to have the sleeves covering right up to your palms.Now that is something I need because I keep getting chills after my walks too! I still have the sniffles/coughs/etc.  Let me know how you go with it. You may very well  influence my next purchase.

I tell you exercise is the best thing ever! If in doubt  always say YES!  Even after a big night out, late this afternoon I allowed myself to get lost and tried a different route to Hampstead Heath. It's liberating!!! I was envious when you mentioned the beach. Ah the beach. I am dreading winter! I hope you keep it up even if morning runs are a struggle and I am glad that I was an inspiration :)

Here's to a trial free week :) You made it Anna!

PS. We are near 1000 hits on our blog!

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