Friday, May 27, 2011

Weather, work and wonderful strangers

Hi Anna!

In the mayhem of receiving a last minute call for work and dashing out to Hampstead tube, I inadvertently left the brolly behind. I half convinced myself that it had been sunny for the last couple of days so it won't be needed.

Of course I got drizzled, wind swept and even hailed on when I was walking to and from the school. Bless the tube station for sheltering me from the short bursts of hailstones. I was chilled to the bones. I'm thankful I don't have the sniffles this morning.

One of the kids came up and gave this to me at the end of the day. I think it is a pirate. I love keeping drawings that kids do for you. This one is hilarious because I have no idea how she managed to associate a pirate with me. I didn't get the chance to ask her because there was so much activity going on in the class. Serendipitously the mystery behind it will forever amuse me!

I followed the instructions left behind by their teacher. One of the lesson involved drawing and painting insects and flowers. My goodness! There was water, paint and children everywhere and I definitely wished I could instantly clone copies of myself, but I really loved that feeling of being busy and being able to expel all the energy and enthusiasm pent up inside.

I have to say a huge thank you for the 4 strangers that helped me find my way. I sure hope some good karma finds a way to them. The man at one of the station was so kind I went back to say a big thanks! It took me about 1.5 hours to navigate from my tube stop to the school! That is London commuting time for you.

I finished at the school at about 5pm because there was plenty of marking to be done. I made my way to Putney to attend the speed friends night and this took another 1.5 hours. Look at how the weather can change here. It must be what they call 'London weather'.

Speed friends night was surprisingly FABULOUS! I absolutely enjoyed myself more than I could've imagined. I am immensely proud for not bailing out. There were roughly 30 of us and it was a good mix from different parts of the world: France, Spain, and of course a few Australians. Some had been in London for a month/10years/all their life. I met an architect, basketball player, lawyer, nanny, accountant and more, but no teachers. Every 15 minutes we swapped partners and eventually I managed to meet roughly half of them.We swapped details and I'm really excited that I now have some new friends to go out on the weekend with. The whole idea of speed friends is pure genius!

What a day it was for me. This morning I am still reeling from all sorts of thoughts and sensations from the weather, work and wonderful strangers that became friends!

Tomorrow morning I am off for the weekend on a train and drive up north to the Lake Districts to do some trekking. I cannot wait because the scenery looks impressive! It will be my first encounter of the country side.
You will most likely hear from me when I get back on Tuesday but until then, have a good weekend everyone and get well soon Anna!

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