Saturday, April 30, 2011

Residual Royal Wedding Fever

OMG Chia!

Your last entry made me feel like I was there! I wish I was there with you hey. Like I could imagine just going 'heck lets wing it!' I love it how you just followed the crowd! I mean, I am sure that most people in London would have been going to watch the wedding if they were in such a crowd! I wish that it was a public holiday in Perth too!

Unfortunately, yesterday was quite a bit of a mad rush for me at work. Had to subpoena 22 witnesses who were not too pleased when I rang them to advise that they would have to attend trial. Its quite hard having to talk to someone who doesn't want to listen or co-operate with you. So the wedding fever died in its butt at around 8.30am yesterday morning (right after I took that photo of Phyllis). But OH yea! I love carnivorous plants too! But yea, they are not very happy in an office environment unfortunately.

Your sms surprised me! I was still at work trying to finish up some dictation for some letters. But it made me super excited for the wedding all over again! Did you receive my mms? I then spent the train ride back to my car trying to load the official Prince William and Kate's wedding page, YouTube and Yahoo! but nothing worked! Even Kev tried after seeing my desperation, and on his awesome Telstra connection he didn't get zip. I was a bit sad then.

But, then when we arrived at the Raffles for the birthday dinner/drinks they had a big screen up with the wedding, and it was Prince William and Kate getting into the regal, red and gold, horse and carriage. She looked stunning! I loved her simple dress! It was perfect! I stood at the tv and this guy came up to me all tipsy like. His other friend was pretty much sloshed. They were old, but friendly and started chatting about the wedding.

Anyways, I finally watched the wedding on YouTube this morning. Check this video out at 6.00. You can see how happy Prince William is when he sees Kate for the first time, that look. *warm fuzzy* He totally loves her. Then at about 6.07 you can see him mumble "your beautiful." I couldn't believe it when I saw it, watched it about 10 times to make sure I saw it. Awwwww. It's super sweet!

Anywho, I just finished work; ON A SATURDAY =( but on a happy note, I was able to hurry my legs to London!


Just to be near you! =P
So... I am in London...Court. Erm. Yessssss.

I got some really friendly looking girl who was walking by herself to take a photo for me on my iPhone. I felt guilty because she was super excited and obliging, but do have a strong feeling it was because she thought I was a tourist. Oh wells. I felt like a tourist, so we both are happy in a strange way.

Oh yea, I think that maybe the photos should be medium sized... or a least stay within the boarders of the  text. If you click on the photos, they open in a separate page and are the full size. =)

I still wish I was there. My entries are so boring compared to yours =)

Anna xXoo

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