Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goodbye Chia!

Dear Chia 

I just tried calling your mobile phone in hope to catch you before you take off on your one-way flight to London. 

Its 4.05pm and I missed you! I am imagining that you are sitting in your seat, all belted up. Looking at the safety manuals and the food menu. I wonder what you will choose for dinner? As the plane climbs higher and does a circle of Perth, what are you thinking of? What are you looking out for? The freeways? The City? Your house? Are you thinking of all of us?

I am super sad now. I think I was in denial. I was thinking 'Yea, it will be fine! I will see Chia in August!' But, when I tried ringing you and heard 'Sorry, the person you have called is unavailable,' it hit me. I won't be able to just ring you up when I am at home sick, or go on our girly dates to be silly and just have fun. Hearing that automated voice message made me feel so disconnected from you.

I wanted to wish you well, and be all excited with you as you walked onto the plane! I also wanted to make sure that any fears that you may have been feeling during this week were all gone.

Since I missed you. I thought of emailing you. But instead, I thought it would be a great time to start the posts on our blog, which you had so brilliantly suggested that we do - to share bits and pieces of happiness, optimism and inspiration. 

So here is what I would have liked to say:

You are doing what a lot of us only wish to do. 
You should be super excited; and on a side note, just enjoy the nervous feeling that you may have when you step out of your plane and pass through Heathrow Airport.
I miss that nervous feeling of the unknown. There is nothing for you to lose, you just have a whole lot of experiences and new friendships to gain!
I am so jealous of you and will live vicariously through your stories.
I hope you meet your contact at the airport, and hope that you find your hostel safely.
I hope that you  have nice roomates for your first week in London. 
Good luck on the accommodation and job hunt. 
Take care, stay safe and have fun!
*Phone Hug!*

Back here in Perth, I am trying to enjoy the last hours of the extra long, easter/ANZAC holiday. I found out yesterday that I had a indoor beach volleyball game on tonight at 6.45pm, so no quiet night in. But at least it will kick start my energy for the working week. I have been feeling sluggish a bit from all the late nights and the eating.

As part of our deal when we decided to start this blog, here is my photo for this post:

Pepsi and I saying 'Goodbye Chia!'

Can't wait to hear from you!


Anna xXoo

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