Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At Changi Airport

Dear Anna,

I didn't realise you did  the first post until a little birdy told me!! :)

It is sweet of you to have thought about me and to try and call me. It made me sad that you just missed me!

I have been feeling a tidal wave of emotions. I think I am mentally exhausted if anything! I think I get really sad when I am saying goodbye. Right now all the sadness has been squeezed out of me and I feel a little numb.

I hope you managed alright with volleyball! I am thinking about all the bruises on your legs! Ouch! I love the photo of Pepsi and you! Yes, we agreed to post pics didn't we and that is a lovely pic of you! MUAH!

I have tried to take a picture of myself at the airport while walking from the arrival point of my last flight to my next gate. Felt rather stupid and they turned out horrible so I deleted them. But that's ok because while I typed this, I took a picture of myself sitting down in A5 lounge while waiting for my flight to London at 1130pm. It's not exactly the most flattering picture of me but it will do now to show you the most recent pic of me :P 

I have also taken a pic of my tickets! On the way to Singapore I couldn't decide between what movies to watch. I ended up watching two French films. They had subtitles so that worked well for me :) I am quite excited about the flight to London as it will be my first double air bus!! I think that is what you call it? Where they have upper and main decks.

I certainly hope I end up meeting this lovely friend of a friend at the airport. I wonder if he will hold a sign up or something... I look forward to writing you my first post in London!

PS. I can't stop chuckling away while I do this post. I wonder what the people directly opposite me must think! 

PPS. Just found out the flight has been delayed (no idea for how long) due to some sort of engineering problem! Oh dear!

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