Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wishing I was there

Heya Chia!

Hoorah!!!! London baby!!!

I am pretty sure that a lot of my future posts will have this entry's title - wishing I was there.

I woke up this morning and got out of bed later than usual. And as I did my morning ritual, I checked my blog feeder on my iPhone to see your photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton! I got so excited for your post! You cannot imagine! It is a photo that truely depicts that you are in London, at this very moment. You are there at such an iconic time! It's so strange that you are there and not here.

So how was it when you arrived? How is your friend that met you at the airport? Tell me about him! I remember you said he took like two days off from work to hang with ya?

How is London? What did you do for your first day there? Where and what did you eat?

Is there William and Kate fever?

To be honest, I secretly am really interested in the wedding. I really really really want to watch it. I think they are such a gorgeous couple, and wished I was like that. Unfortunately, I have a birthday dinner, so I am going miss the whole thing when it is shown live on Friday night! I am doing little sighs in my head as I think about it. Such a guilty pleasure and I can't even enjoy it. I will give you and update on how the sighs are going.

Are you going to try and catch the wedding? If not, I think you ought to go to some of the busier places in London so you won't have such a queue!

I am currently writing on the train to work. Augh! To work! Can you believe it? I so don't want to be thinking about discovery and lining up witnesses for this trial that's coming up in two weeks, when I know that you are in London exploring new places!

I think the thing that keeps me going, is knowing I will be seeing you in August! I am hopefully buying my ticket this week!

Oh! Random things to try in London! Try the chocolate! It tastes better there than the chocolate in Australia. English chocolate doesn't have the added 'non melty' ingredient that they put in our chocolates. Try 'bangers and mash,' the pies and fish and chips (the ones wrapped up in newspaper, not the ones from the cafe). Could you also try some Prince William and Kate 'inspired' desert too? =P

How are your roomates? I hope the accommodation hunting is going well so you don't have to stay in your hostel for long!

I've just gotten off the train, and finally am in the city. It's currently 8.01am.

Here is where I am right now!

Damn I look tired!

Wishing I was there!!!


Anna xXoo

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