Thursday, April 28, 2011

In London

Hi Anna!

Can you believe that I'm in London? I feel like I am dreaming. I feel like I am actually just staying for a short holiday and then going back home in a week or something like that.

One thing that amazes me is the buildings and how pretty they look! Not just slabs of concrete and bricks. One thing that does not amaze me is the hostel's bathroom/toilet. It wasn't exactly clean and having to share that with other people in the hostel for the next week is daunting.

Check out the oyster card that I got today! I didn't realise it featured Kate and William on it until I got back and emptied my wallet! I am still wondering how I will go about on this royal wedding business!

There are so many amazing London souvenirs that I want to buy now and send them home to friends! There are heaps of Kate and William merchandise but I can't say these are all that appealing for me or for anyone else I can think of.

Love from London, Chia

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