Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding 2011 Fever


I woke up so amped up for the wedding. Haha. Last night I laid on the couch with my parents watching a bad live coverage of the wedding count down presented by channel nine. It didn't show anything major, just commentary about dress rehearsals etc. I ended up just listening while I played 'Words With Friends' with David. Oh yea, PS you got to get an iPhone now. No excuses! =D David owned with a 'luxes' which was a quadruple word! Wtf?!?

Because the wedding coverage was so bad, we ended up changing channels to watch 'The Prince and Me' with Julia Stiles. This movie is totally underrated! It was quite well written, not as predictable, and more realistic than the other Disney's modern Cinderella-like stories.

It made me a little sad, I miss the innocence and wonder of wanting to be with someone- that warm feeling you get when they tell you that they don't want you to go; them wanting to talk to you all the time; that semi scary/desperate feeling like you mean something to someone. Maybe that only happens when your super young? Or maybe we got so much going on now, so much more other happy stuff to think about, that the small things like romance is no longer relevant except in movies and in stories?

Anywho, I am totally, unashamedly, a sucker to the novelty and manipulation of the media in this instance. This morning, before grabbing the cereal, I nicked the West Australian off mom to get the wedding section and read up on the goss. It provided instructions on how to follow the wedding on the Internet. Since I am on the go today and tonight, this was awesome! I've now bookmarked the official royal wedding website and the yahoo coverage and subscribed to the YouTube channel on my iPhone so that I won't miss anything while I am at dinner!

Look, even Phyllis my white lily has been hit by the Royal Wedding Fever! She wishes she was Kate Middleton! =P

Your entry was the best!

I totally want more entries like that! I want to hear what you are doing! How come you moved into the bigger dorm?

Your friend Mig sounds awesome! And yes!!!! Ahahaha! I totally sniggered on the train at your description of his ... Hrm... Total weak spot for me. Though I'll take your word for it.

Hey how is the weather by the way? We are constantly hearing that its freezing cold, and that it may rain? How is the dorm, like are you cold in there? Is it comfortable?

Oh! William and Kate 'inspired' desert? Well I assume everyone would be jumping on the band wagon by now. I saw on Getaway, they went to the pub that Prince William frequently goes to, and they renamed a beer to something like "The Prince's Ale," and I just google searched "Prince William Beer" and found that there is an official "Kiss Me Kate" Beer!

So that's what I meant. Like if you see in a cafe some sort of cake/drink/sweet which is re-named or 'inspired' by the wedding. Please have it and take a photo! It's totally LIVING in this very moment. People like me, who are not in London, won't get a chance to have it. Once the wedding is over, I am sure those items will disappear.

Omg! Yes for the tips for the Tomato Festival! Goggles- OK! Disposable shoes- Righty-O! Tape up boobies?

Well, the only things I could come up with are:

  • Need extra support for bounciness;
  • Need to strap up to avoid random hands getting in between them; 
  • Padding for paintball-like tomatoes that are thrown at you; or
  • To look hot like Mila Jovovich in The Fifth Element.

I don't know! Tell me! Haha.

Miss yas!

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