Saturday, April 30, 2011

This post is for you Anna! And anyone else back home with Royal Wedding fever!

Dear Anna,

I woke up this morning and decided I was not going to disappoint you and that I would make an attempt to join in on the wedding mania! Especially your hilarious photo of Phyllis! I LOVE it! I wish I could send you a male equivalent of Phyllis. Would he be called Philip? If  I did, you would be receiving a venus fly trap because I love carnivorous plants and they fascinate me! Have you ever had one? Unfortunately those plants don't grow well in air conditioned sterile office environment :(

Anyway, with no plan of attack, I decided to stop off near Hyde Park to catch the wedding on big screen. I actually pinched this idea from another dorm member because I was absolutely clueless! I had no idea where about in Hyde Park I should be so I ended up following everyone else in the direction they were heading! So the no-plan-method worked out alright! I should've spoken to another girl the night before because she actually woke up at 4am this morning and she saw the whole royal procession to Westminster Abbey and Kate and William in flesh! She was dying to show someone her iphone recordings and I was the lucky one! After seeing them, I can see how one would get excited and wait around in the wee hours of the morning.  I might've done that if I had known. If only you were here, you would know exactly what to do! :P
You know how I have that cheesy beaming smile? Well I had it on all the way down my walk through Hyde Park! I can't believe how big it is!!!  I loved how it was slightly foggy and chilly but it was so tranquil! I love how the leaves of the trees are are brighter green than the leaves in Australia.I half expected a deer to prance out from nowhere. I want to live near Hyde Park :(

About this time when the photo was taken, I was texting you back and forth. I tried sending you a mms of me, but that did not go through :( boo! This does not look like a lot of people because of the angle but believe me there were people everywhere! Many of them had flags and dressed in red and blue and one or two were in bridal dresses!

A lovely gentleman took this photo for me after he saw me doing a self shot. Oh his accent made me giddy!

Today I am in higher spirits and I suspect it is because of the wedding and because I went SHOPPING! I knew I  wouldn't last! After Kate and William exchanged vows I left the crowds and walked down Oxford St. I am sure there are other places nearby, but the tube line is the most convenient for me and the one I am familiar with so it's easier to get back to the hostel! My feet are absolutely killing me because of all the walking I did today. I saw so many things I wanted to buy or wanted to buy for someone else because I know that they would like it! I saw this yacht printed dress that reminded me of HW. I wish I had someone to be mad about the shops here!

I did not find any Kate/William inspired food unfortunately! But I had this HUGE slice of beef and chilli pizza on the go! I managed not to get it everywhere! You can tell I was starving and had to sink my teeth into it before the camera came out!

LOOK can you see how happy I am?

I bought souvenirs today so you can tell everyone that it was bought right on the day of the wedding!! I'm sorry if you don't like magnets.. they fit easily in the post though! Will be sending one to you ;)

And back to that tomato question. Yes, the second one is correct!!! So maybe we need to wear like really tight boob tubes or something. I don't want to experience the pain of ripping off tape at the end of the day. I hope you aren't too disturbed! Either way, we are going! Which reminds me, have you got your tickets yet? We have to do some planning soon!!!  Oh and I hope you get the chance to beat David in a game of scrabble! Get rid of his scrabble king title! He comes up with words like HAAF, KAT and KATA!

Good luck!! MUAH!

PS. What do you think about the size of the pics? Should I keep them small?

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