Friday, April 29, 2011

Exhausted and wishing you were here!!

Hello Anna!

I think right about now you should be well and truly in bed :) I keep forgetting about the time difference. I really hope to keep up my daily blogging even if it is a short one. just so you have something to smile about or read when you are on the train in the morning :) This does not mean you have to write a lengthy reply to me. Even a pic of you somewhere in the city will do! haha! Or the healing process of your bruise.. How is that coming along??

Right now it is 740pm and I have just moved into a 8 person dorm. It was nice that there was no one in their dorms and I could relax and munch on my take away salad I grabbed in a fancy supermarket called Waitrose from across the street. ( I had to choose a salad that could be finger picked through because I don't have any cutlery on me) There is one other person that just came in the dorm. Didn't exchange much apart from a curt hello. She is laying down in the bed. How weird. I thought I would be uncomfortable about sharing a room with even just one other person but the dorm for tonight is with 7 other people. I guess most of them only come in to sleep as they are here to party and explore. It is actually nice to just lie in bed and write to you and unwind.

This reminds me, this morning I met an Aussie chick from Brisbane, Rockhampton. Made me think of somebody. Anyway. I mentioned we were doing the tomato thing in Spain, and she said she had done it and gave me some pointers!! Before I forget these are some of the tips she mentioned. I wonder if you can work out why!

- wear good quality googles
- wear cheap covered up shoes to be disposed of
- tape up your boobs!!!!

The last one got me. I will explain in my next post if you can't figure out why :) But it may put you off from attending!

I am glad that my pic of my travel card amused you and got you into the royal wedding fever! I had a discussion with Migs and we decided that in 20 years time I could ebay it! However, the weather forecast predicts a chance of shower and cloudy conditions. I am indecisive  about joining in and catching a glimpse. Perhaps I need to watch more tv coverage or something to up my excitement level.  I guess you will find out tomorrow. It is a public holiday and I don't know if there is much to do otherwise. I think I will take my SLR out and take some decent pics for you! The SLR has not seen the light of London yet!
What on earth is a Kate and William inspired desert?  I can't say I have been feeling like heavy food like bangers and mash, pies, fish and chips etc. I actually miss eating my greens as you can tell from the meals that I've had today! As tempting as hot greasy food is when it's cold, I am really making an effort to be healthy because I don't want to fall sick!

One thing I am THANKFUL for is the company of Migs. He has been a fantastic companion and showing me around! Here is a pic of him taken while we were having lunch at a little outdoor cafe. He never looks serious but only when he is stirring his coffee.
I had the chicken caeser salad. Was too hungry to take a pic of that for you :P Migs is quite a character. He reminds me of a particular person. Loves his retail therapy and has nice um... I know you are laughing right now!!!

I had a very un-touristy day today. Before lunch we went to get my UK sim card. Yes I have a number that you can now text me if you miss me too much :P We also went into Boots which is a cosmetic/pharmacy chain, After lunch, I met the candidate consultant for the teaching agency. There was a lot to process. After that, we went to find a bank so I could set up an account. The trip there we took my first red double decker bus ride and we sat on the top of course!!

 haha.. it is actually quite frightening sitting at the top right at the front because it feels like you are further forward than you actually are if that makes any sense.

 So all in all, nothing that exciting! I had some time to myself to explore after Migs went back home but only just surrounding the hostel. This is the underground station that is opposite the road of the hostel.

I got a little lost and ended up in a fancy mall called THe Village and it had stores like Miu Miu and Prada. No, I did not buy anything :( In fact, after two days of walking around in central London, I am finding it rather unnerving seeing all these tourists with bags and bags of shopping! Top Shop, Zara, River Island and here I am walking around in Oxford St with NOTHING in my hands!! Bare!! I swear if I don't do any shopping I might have a panic attack! But if I do end up shopping, it will have nowhere in my bag to go! You should see me climb up the stairs to get to the rooms with my backpack! I had to stop for a moment of breath before I opened the dorm door. And it is this problem that has stopped me from stepping foot into a store. Yes, I have NOT entered a single shop for women's clothing, shoes or bags! I hope you're proud of me :D Ask me again in a week's time though....

Anyway my lovely, I really need a shower now. Last night I had a scalding shower. There was no cold water button and it was just hot boiling water! I will have to look for the other showers that are somewhere on another level. I hope you are having sweet dreams!

Chia XOX

PS Sorry if this post is too long! You seem to want to know EVERYTHING! I feel like I have talked too much about myself :(

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