Sunday, October 2, 2011

The warmest day

Oh Anna!!

You know I just realised that I forgot to watch the videos that you posted and I just watched them and it made me laugh looking at you prancing around. You are sooo gorgeous! GORGEOUSSSSS!!!  I love that you can prance around without a care in the world and have fun in your videos and Kev is such a good sport too. I hope you put more videos up hehe!

I'm having a great weekend and I hope you are too :)

Last night was a last minute date to the movies with Lauren. She wanted to watch Crazy, Stupid Love and I just wanted to watch any movie and found it surprisingly good! I love the fact that it wasn't your typical predictable rom com and I think you will definitely like it :)

I stayed up late until 1am thinking that I would be able to sleep in. But guess what? Of course I woke up at 530am and couldn't get back to sleep! Dammit! Why does it have to happen on a Saturday? It was pitch black and while I was having toast I thought I'd make pizza. I was suppose to make it last night for dinner but didn't have time and so at about 6am I'm making pizza from scratch including the base (yup I'm that good!) and watching the sun peep out. It really was something. Not everyone can say they've done this whilst kneading dough and now I can. It was great morning workout to be bashing the dough about without worrying about waking anyone up because both of my housemates are out for the weekend. By 9am pizza was done and  cooled and I ended up having 3 big slices for my second breakfast.

My almost square-ish pizza. Toppings:  feta, eggplant, capsicum, mushroom. I had a lot of fun rolling out the base with my fantastic new rolling pin!!!

Pizza complete with rocket. You are looking at slice number 6 which I took a photo of before I had it for dinner.  I pretty much ate almost all of the pizza in one day. Hmm...
I also thought I'd stalk FB for photos of Ching's wedding but no luck. She got hitched today and sucks that I'm not there!!! CHING! High school friend. Maths class. Beach. Bananas. They are some of the few things that springs to mind when I think of her.

You wouldn't believe it but today was a HOT day (for Londoners). The warmth reminded me of summers in Perth and Indonesia. I even got stung by mosquitoes TWICE and this was indoors! It was warm enough that I got the chance to wear my floral dress that I never thought I'd wear in London unless I paired it with leggings.

I know you're missing me that much :p Actually I auto corrected this and I like how I appear golden and tanned when I'm not.

Thought I'd share with you the flowers of the week
SUNSHINE!! Unusually hot sunny day but loved it :D
For the first time I really noticed the smell of BO when I was walking down Oxford Street. I was there again looking for work clothes and I picked up two wool cardigans in different colours from Uniqlo! I was surprised that I found the perfect cardigan and I had to have it in another colour. You're right, they do have some great basics!

Later when I went for my walk in Hampstead Heath I wished I had my camera with me because it was packed with people like never before and there were half naked people and more importantly guys everywhere. Good for me because for once exercising was a pleasure. I might read out by the park tomorrow and contemplate whether or not in my bathers because I'm starting to think it's OK to do so even when there is no beach in sight. Then again, it's suppose to be autumn so it could be a waste of effort.

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