Friday, October 28, 2011

Hungry for Hungary

One of the things I love about travelling is the FOOD!! There is not a single country that I've been to where I've disliked the food.

I honestly had no idea what Hungarian food tasted like until I came here and it's not hard to quickly become a fan of their food!  I've noticed that they are heavy on their salt but their dishes are still divine. You just need to make sure you quench up afterwards.

Let me show you everything Hungarian that I've had.


Sesame bread filled with jam. Pastry filled with brocolli and cauliflower
This was DELICIOUS!! I'm not sure if they are the labels for it, but I call it the Hungarian cabbage lasagne! It was layered with sauerkraut, rice and minced meat and served with a dollop of sour cream. 
This is how it looks when the lady scooped it out. Polishing the whole plate was an easy task!
Then I decided I wasn't full and it struck me that I've only got a short time left to sample as many things as I can so I had  crepes! It was filled with chocolate sauce, crushed walnuts, rum soaked raisins and the man sprayed on more rum. I am salivating thinking about it.
Unbelievably good! Heavily dusted with icing sugar and huge puffs of whipped cream. Heart attack in a bite!

Forget the name of this but it was chocolate and crushed biscuit layers
Flodni- the middle part is a dense layer of poppy seeds. Never had that much poppy seeds in one go.
Langos- stretched dough fried and brushed with garlic oil and sprinkled with salt
One of these savoury scones. Think tomato, paprika, pizza all rolled into the soft bun, sprinkling of cheese on the outside and lightly fried.  These were to die for!
Fish soup. One spoonful of this and I immediately  thought of  mum's asam laksa.  Remember the laksa that you tried a few times you've been over?  I certainly found it amusing (and so would my mum and anyone else who knows the taste of asam laksa) that this traditional Hungarian soup tastes just like the Malaysian noodle soup dish
Apart from the food, the sights have been impressive. The highlight today was walking up Gellert Hill. I loved walking up the steps and admiring the vibrant yellow colours of the leaves. It made me that happy, I think I skipped a little on the way up. I wished there was someone to share the experience with. I sat for ages on a bench looking out into the city soaking it all in so that I never forget that exact moment.

This video is just for you :D Sometimes when you're alone you just have to amuse yourself.

I hope you like these photos too. I already know that when I look at these they will bring up the fondest memories of Budapest.

Parliament and Szechenyi Bridge

Szechenyi Bridge and St Stephen's Basilica
Fisherman's Bastion

A leafy trail up Gellert Hill

I've walked the city ten times over and I think I've got the map of Budapest embedded in my head. Tomorrow one of the things I will definitely be doing is revisiting the thermal baths again. It will be my last full day in Budapest then Saturday late afternoon I will make my way back to London. Sigh.

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