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Salzburg - A beautiful little city

Hi Chia!

Your posts!

Two posts! I was treated! HAHA! Yea I have more photos of you and me from ages ago! Perhaps I shall post them later on when I don't have other things to post!

I love your pretty floral things! It really put me in the spring mood, and I wish that summer comes soon! I do like the happy diary idea! I had one last year actually. I found myself needing something to inspire happiness so I bought a journal from Kikki.K and it had 365 pages, one page for every day. So I decided to use this book to write or draw a positive thought, or thing. Even if it was a shitty day, I would find something that would make me happy, such as a picture or drawing on the net, or some lyrics of a song etc. I can't believe what a wonderful journal I ended up having in the end! It is a bit of a challenge to set aside a few minutes to write something down. But it is well worth it!

I called it '365 Days of Happiness' - Guess who featured in there a few times?!

Oh and speaking about spring! Your last post with your cute as a button black dress and the flowers, just made me wish if spring and summer even more! Kev actually started reading your post outloud to me this morning, as I didn't realise that you had made another post! I had to tackle him to stop him from continuing to read more and spoil my read! But ah! That dress just reminds me of Spain. You, and Me and Spain. It was the most romantic time everrrrr! Like the most romantic time that two girls can have in a foreign place! It more so reminded me of Valencia, and our trip to the market! Ahhh.... *sigh*


I had to do another post for Salzburg, because besides mountains and music, there are other wonderful and beautiful things about this city.

The part that Kev and I explored the most was the 'Old Town' which had cobbled stone lanes and is pedestrianised.  I love it how they make attempts to keep the culture and tradition in the Old Town, and soon discovered that even the modern stalls had old school signs which helped people figure out what a shop specialised in:

An umbrella shop

A clothing shop (See the thread and scissors!)

A pharmacy and hat store

Guess!? =P
I really enjoyed the little city of Salzburg as it was so easy to get around, and it was super safe! One of the things about Salzburg is that they had great food from the Michelin Star, to cafe to markets.

Carpe Diem

On our first day in Salzburg, it was raining and we were not prepared for it. So after finding a wonderful umbrella shop, Kev and I walked around Old Town, until we were able to find the restaurant Carpe Diem. Before we had left, I had searched for a Michelin Star restaurant to visit, since we do not have any in little old Perth, the one restaurant that caught our attention was Carpe Diem. When I explained to Kev what food they had and showed him the menu, he asked 'Are you telling me, they serve everything in cones?' When I answered 'Yes' he became super excited. The cone concept was truly unique, and I was curious how they would do it. So, when we found the restaurant, we walked in and enjoyed the yummy cone dishes!

Kev's Red Chicken Wings with baby corn
& spicy dip in a red pepper cone

My Beef Hamburger with cheddar- cheese
in a rosemary cone, with french fried potatoes
& homemade ketchup

Other food

Kev and his chicken schnitzel burger, both showing off their tongues.

Tasty Pretzel
Cafe Tomaselli
Cafe Tomaselli was recommended to us by our Segway tour guide. She said that it had one of the best apple strudels there and had other wonderful cakes such as cheesecake strudel and the like. Another special thing about this cafe was that Mozart frequently visited this cafe for its coffee and cake too! Kev and I found the cakes were indeed wonderfully light, and the perfect sweetness and taste that one wishes for in a cake, and so we ended up coming here for lunch and 'afternoon tea' two days in row! The cafe also had cake waitresses who walked around with cakes on a platter for you to choose from (just like dim sum) and this was supposed to be how it was back in the day. I was very amused that they had kept this tradition!

Cake waitress!

Strawberry torte of some sort

Ohhh baby... 
Kev and I also made our way to the Monk's Brewery called Augultiner Brau. The monks brought beer to Salzburg and this has been maintained for people to visit and enjoy their beer garden and food. The Brewery itself still looks like a monastery, and so it was a little bit eerie for me. However, it was thriving with life with people in the beer gardens.

Kev and I shared a stein and ate their food. Admittedly, their food was not the best and I could have done with a better dinner, but we had fun and enjoyed the experience. When Kev bought the beer, he had to choose his stone stein from a shelf, and then had to wash it through some water, and then they serve the beer into it! He also said that you could wash the stone stein through hot water in order to warm it up if you were going to drink warm beer. Another tradition that I was pleased that the Austrians had maintained.

Weisswurst from the Markets in the morning. So Yummy!

Chocolate made to look like various vegetables and nuts!
More gardens and trick fountains

While taking photos in Mirabell Gardens, Kev and I stumbled across some mazes which were fun to explore.

Kev in 'zen' mode

On our last day, I was pooped as. Totally exhausted from no day off from the holiday, however, we had yet to travel outside of the city of Salzburg to see Hellbrunn Palace and the trick fountains. Kev got me up and going though, and when we arrived, I was so happy that he got me up and going! This palace was built by an Archbishop for 'funnsies'. It was a place for him to take his guests to seek relief from the summer heat. No one stayed at the palace over night, it was just for the day, and it contained gardens with grottoes and the trick fountains. The Archbishop had a sense of humour, and throughout the palace gardens, he strategically placed water fountains to wet his guests!

The Archbishop's outdoor dining area.

Watch out, for your bum will get wet, unless the Archbishop gives you his seat at the head of the table.

And that's about it for Salzburg! I'll put more photos up on facebook once I get more time to organise through the photos to find the ones worth while posting!

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