Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing house

Budapest! How wonderful! The photos really make me wish that I considered it as a destination to visit! It looks so interesting! How are your roomies?

As I mentioned before in my previous posts, my week has been busy with conference, and on top of that, Kev and I have been playing house at his parents place.

It has been fun, and interesting. Like I now see how living close to the city is so much easier. Home is so far usually, and I usually have to get ready a lot earlier.

But Kev and I have been managing well. On Friday night we saw QI live! I don't know if you have watched it before, but it's UK 'game show' where there are questions and answers. But the twist is that the comedians that are contestants on the show, are able to discuss about the topic, which are usually 'Quite Interesting'. It was lots of fun, and it felt so great being 'at' the show. Stephen Fry told the audience that it was the very first live show for QI. So we felt very special!

The stage of QI at Burswood

On Saturday night we made chilli con carne and salad:

Our dinner

And while we were shopping for the groceries look what I finally found:

Share a coke with me!


Can't wait for your next post!

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