Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poor feet

Hi Anna!!

Awesome rock climbing shoes! I am very excited for you that you have bought rock climbing passes and now have your own shoes to go with them :) I think one day I'll have to try and see what it's all about. I've been trying to get lots of exercise too and soon I'll have to sign up with the gym or something because it will start getting too cold and wet.

I have been in my little 'work' bubble and haven't been following the news and I had no idea the Queen was visiting the city! How exciting! I wish I was making a visit to Perth :(

Last night I went out to a club in Mayfair with Migs and a few of his other friends came along too. They were all in the medical profession and that made me the odd one out. I wore heels thinking it would be a quiet drinks night but that eventuated to a massive one ending at 5 in the morning and the balls of my feet are absolutely paying for it today. At about 3am we stopped off at Mig's friends place to drop of a few things and I decided that I'd try his size-something-so-big-it-looks-ridiculous-on-my-feet flip flops and see if I could get into the next place but they were frowned upon (really? I thought they matched my outfit?) so they were left in the cloakroom. I really should rest up but it's unusually bright and blue outside and a walk outdoors is a must! 

I'm really looking forward to catching up with Shaz tomorrow for Vietnamese in Soho. The thought of hot bowl of pho has been long overdue! I might make some Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner tonight too. I will also be buying some serious winter gear for Budapest and for London's winter. That means I'll be on the hunt for gloves, beanie and boots! Hopefully I find something exciting to show you!

Have a lovely weekend. I believe it will be a special one for you! :) MUAH!

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