Saturday, October 8, 2011

A day in the life of a lawyer

Hey Chia!

Same same! My attempts to blog every night has gone down the drain! It's just impossible when you have work and outside commitments too!

For the record, I love how your pies look! They looks so yum! How did you make the pie base? I would love to have a pie right now actually, but I will settle with having a piece of toast.

I also love the sound of your work. It sounds so lively and interesting and each day is filled with unpredictable things! How cute that your students wrote a story about you as a pirate, being killed off by a dinosaur pirate! Pure creativity!

Well, because I have been blogging about my Europe trip, and trying to hang on to any last memories of it, I have neglected to tell you of a very happy thing regarding work! My first day back, my supervisor and secretary was surprised as they were expecting me to return the day after.

However, my supervisor immediately said 'OH! I have a surprise for you Anna!' She walked over and gleefully handed me a document, which to my surprise was the decision of the trial that I was laboring away for in May this year. I was nervous, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I read the decision, it said that it was found in favour of the Plaintiff (the other side) however, she was only awarded a sum that was say... less than a return ticket to Europe! The judge then ordered the Plaintiff to pay our legal costs, which, to be honest, is around the 100k mark. So we successfully defended the claim! I was quite happy. My supervisor told me that all my hard work investigating, interviewing and calling witnesses and the digging around paid off! When I read the judgment, I saw what she meant, the judge had referred to everything that I had found. It put me on a high. Whether it be me coming back from an awesome holiday, or whether it be because the trial had such an excellent outcome, I do not know. But I do know that it was the first time I was truly happy at work.

Anyways, as asked, I will outline my day yesterday.

0630 - Woken up by the alarm
0720 - Late late late!!! - speed off to Kev's house
0743 - Arrive at Kev's in record time (Thank goodness for school holidays)
0745 - Walk to train station
0810 - Hop on a train
0825 - Get off in the CBD
0827 - Walk pass the RSPCA Happy Tails Day tent and purchase a pin
0830 - Kev drops me off at my office
0835 - Get a mug of hot water
0840 - Start drafting an affidavit for an application at the DRD
1030 - Get distracted and take a photo of me and my pin to show you:

Its a bone! =D

1140 - Go to the kitchen for a top up of hot water, and get into a long conversation with another lawyer
1215 - Return back to my office and start preparing a bill of costs
1250 - Get a phone call from a doctor looking for medical documents
1255 - Frantically look for the file to locate document to send to doctor
1310 - Give the medical documents to my secretary for courier
1315 - Dash out for a quick break (as I had eaten up time talking to my work mate earlier)
1330 - Continue with bill of costs
1530 - Supervisor provides me instructions regarding affidavit, so I return to drafting affidavit, and start drafting submissions for the DRD
1630 - Another lawyer pops in my room and says 'Friday night drinks?' I give a sigh of relief (Cheeerrrs to the freaking weekeeeend, I'll drink to that - Yeaha--yeaaaahh!) and join her and the others in the boardroom
1715 - Leave to office and take out iPhone to call Kev, to find 3 smses from a happy postcard recipient:

  1. Omg hilarious
  2. Lol sexual fantasies ahahahahaa
  3. I hope you looked after chia well.
o_O Ooooh Lordy! It made me laugh! I can't remember what we wrote in that postcard! But I just remember us giggling after beer and tapas with Joce and Ed, and stumbling our way up La Ramblas and us shopping for a postcard... each stall getting cheaper by the cent as we progress... HAHAHA! And then our heated D&M, and then us giggling in the bed with you writing happily in the postcard, and then me realising that you had kept on writing in such enthusiasm so that there was no space for me, and then me squishing a little message in the end!

Aw... so many happy memories...Ahhhhh... I wish we were still in Spain.

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