Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 monthversary

Hi Anna!

Lucky you! Dinner looks fab!!! I think you'll miss playing house :P

Just a short one today. I've been too tired to blog and been having really long packed days. Yesterday I achieved my mission of trying out cakes. I had 3 different types of Hungarian cakes and they were divine!!!

Today I did a lot and this included getting a little lost after dark and walking instead of catching the metro because I wanted to get as much exercise as possible. One thing I love about Budapest is that it is one of the most safest cities I've been in to. There aren't people loitering around or any dodgy  looking people.

I went out last night with one of the people I met here and so today I've been feeling tired and mopey like I usually am when I'm lacking in sleep and the alcohol has worn off.

Tomorrow will be 6 months from when I left Perth. If you put it like this, 3 more sets of those, and I'm back in Perth. The days have just flown and so has this trip. I think I need to squeeze in as much travelling as possible for the remainder months.

For now it's goodnight! :)

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