Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of little things on Sunday

Hi Anna :)

I went shopping today! Before you came I was looking for summer clothes, now it's heading to winter and I really don't want to catch a cold when I'm in Budapest. The forecast looks like it will be sunny and I hope it holds up for the week after when I'm there. The maximum is looking at mid teens and luckily the minimum isn't anything below 0 just yet but it will be cold! Brrr!

Anyway I bought these boots from Dune. They were on sale at 95 pounds too! I took forever deciding upon them but I settled on these because of their lace up style, the sturdy leather and the lovely tan brown colour. I also love how they have cute little brogue detail at the toes.

Can't wait to wear them!
I also met up with Shaz for lunch. Shaz is leaving soon but hopefully she will be back some time next year. We didn't end up going for pho in Soho because I made Vietnamese spring rolls and I thought we could do a picnic. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy and chilly and I wished we went for a hot bowl of pho instead :( Regardless, it was nice to sit on the side of Hyde Park and Marble Arch.

I never knew this was a sculpture of a horse's head! I always saw it from the back and assumed it was an abstract block of something.
Jelly babies to the left?
Shaz and I were reminiscing about our arrival and how it will be 6 months away from home when I'm in Budapest. It will also be the longest I've been away from Perth. When I was in Indonesia, I still came back frequently. This time round while I'm across the other side it's looking to be a whole 2 years away!  How time flies! I'm so jealous she will be back in Perth for summer :(

Everyone's leaving me :( Jarod's gone back to Perth and now Shaz will too!
Remember the necklace from Ibiza? I wore it for the first time today and I had two comments. One from a male passerby  "Mmm sexy" were his exact words,  and the other from a girl on the tube saying that she liked it to a friend. Have you worn yours yet? I love how it reminds me of our time in Ibiza :D

I forgot to mention how funny Phyllis is! I hope she doesn't play tricks like that on you again. I forget whether Phyllis is a he or a she. I bought potted mint for my Vietnamese spring rolls. This was taken last night before I plucked off half the leaves and stalks to put it into the spring rolls this morning. Imagine half of it missing at the top. I think I'll name it Minttobe. Get it? Hrmm..

The spring rolls were SOO good! Devoured before pics were taken. I will have to try and make my own pho when I get back from Budapest!
This week will be a bit of a mad rush. I haven't done enough reading on Budapest yet and I would like to compile a list of things to do/see/eat during my week there. So far I've booked tickets and a week accommodation in a hostel. This is where I'll be staying! I'm very excited!!!!

First I have a week of teaching to get through! Can't wait to hear from you :)

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